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Hello & welcome to my fashion & lifestyle blog, Style My Mind! Here I post weekly about affordable fashion trends, but ya know, like real affordable! My favorite products, beauty routines & lifestyle experiences! I'm a girls-girl who loves the outdoors, white tee shirts & Disney World. Join me on my journey!


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KiwiKurves Shapewear

Hey there fashionistas, how's your summer going so far? I say summer because in Florida it's been summer for months already, and it is HOT! I have spent some weeks vacationing which in return, now I have a few extra LBs taking up residence in my mid-section. Oh well. In my 30s I have learned to love my body, be healthy but be accepting. I will never have a flat stomach, ever, but I love being curvy and I embrace it. That being said, shapewear has definitely become a fan fave for a lot of us out there. Let's put the bag stigma about shapewear to rest, it is not about hiding our curves it's about embracing and enhancing our best assets. I discovered Kiwi Kurves and fell in love with their shapewear and their mission. 

Travel Diaries: St. Simons Island

Hi there travel lovers! Today I am doing a round up and review of my trip to St. Simon's Island. TBH, I never heard of it until my friend asked me to go. Apparently, a lot of people I know have heard of it and gave it rave reviews. I went with my bestie Amanda, her sister Sheila and "BIL" Ed. They rented a VRBO in the heart of the island .3 miles from the beach. It was an adorable 3 bedroom bungalow with a huge porch, screened in patio and a separate guest house, that is where we stayed. Honestly, I can't say enough good things about the property we stayed on. It was very tranquil and quiet, the perfect escape for a girl-on-the-go.  When I arrived on the island on Sunday afternoon I noticed there were a lot of pretty moss trees, dirt roads and golf carts. It reminded me of a tiny shore town in Jersey. When you would drive onto the shore there was high grass with that stagnant beach water smell, it brought me back! 

Travel Diaries: Scottsdale & Sedona

Sorry I have been MIA y'all. I just have not been motivated to write, if I am being completely transparent, which I am. But I thought doing a blog on Arizona would help get me going. I generally like to choose at LEAST one place to visit that I have never been every year. 2021 I am making up for 2020 haha, with already 5 trips booked :) The first one I took (aside from NJ) was to Scottsdale and Sedona, AZ. I have always wanted to go out there and I have a blogger friend who I have been chatting with for 2 years now. I knew she wasn't a serial killer or psycho bitch so I said hey Niki I am coming out, let's do it up.

2021 Meal Plan & Sweat Sesh

So I am going to focus more on what I have been eating this year. But in a nutshell as far as workouts go, I do CYCLEBAR 2-3 times a week, 2 of these include workouts for arms. I don't like weight lifting, I like doing more cardio, body workouts so I will use the PELETON app to do some HIIT workouts 1-2 times a week on top of the CB. The days I do not do CB I do the HIIT or jog 1.5-2 miles. I recently finished my first 5k of 2021 through a vineyard at 37 min. It was not easy, but was fun!

How To: DonnaBella Hybrid Weft Extensions

About 4 years ago I got clip-in extensions and loved them but they became a pain to put in everyday so I stopped using them almost all together. Then a few months ago I found DonnaBellaHair.com and wanted to try the tape-ins, since that is what my stylist was used to doing. I had her review the colors to see what would work best and we decided on 12/600 balayage. I always liked a darker root and lighter ends.

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