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Hello & welcome to my fashion & lifestyle blog, Style My Mind! Here I post weekly about affordable fashion trends, but ya know, like real affordable! My favorite products, beauty routines & lifestyle experiences! I'm a girls-girl who loves the outdoors, white tee shirts & Disney World. Join me on my journey!


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My Six Year Floridian Anniversary

As my six year anniversary in Florida approaches I sit here and reflect on everything that has changed in the last six years. I think about where I came from and where I am now. Boy, oh, boy is there quite a difference. I have made a lot of mistakes in my life, but moving to Florida definitely was not one of them.

Post-Vacay Skincare Round Up

Ten days in Europe was absolutely incredible but it massively dehydrated my body and skin. It's hard to keep up with your normal supplement or skincare routine when traveling so when I got home I went ham. There are so many unsafe radicals and chemicals flying around our faces each day; pollution is at a high. Today I am sharing the beauty products that brought my skin back to life after a trip abroad.

Chic Wedding and Bridal Shower Invitations by Basic Invite

Nine months to go until my sister's wedding and I am so excited. This will be the ninth wedding I have been in but of course one of the most important. It is the second time I will be an maid of honor but so many things have changed since the last time in 2011. Now we do bachelorette gifts, matching shirts, favors and have themes for everything and everything must be chic, chic, chic. Let's be honest, if you have been following me you know I am a sucker for a good theme and a chic design.

Spring Must-Haves

Spring is in full bloom and I have been on the look-out for the must haves this season.

How to Plan a Girls StayCay feat. The Belleview Inn

Stay-cays are easy and affordable because you don't have to fly anywhere, you just figure out what you are looking do like relax, or hike and be one with nature or maybe explore. In this case I am totally ready for a relaxing weekend with my ladies.

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