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Hello & welcome to my fashion & lifestyle blog, Style My Mind! Here I post weekly about affordable fashion trends, but ya know, like real affordable! My favorite products, beauty routines & lifestyle experiences! I'm a girls-girl who loves the outdoors, white tee shirts & Disney World. Join me on my journey!


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2020 Balanced Diet

Last year I made the decision to get healthy again and work with my friend and trainer Kerven Germain. Kerven worked out with me twice a week and I worked out on my own the other days. Unfortunately, sometimes our busy schedules get in the way and leave us with minimal work out time. This was me over the holiday; stress, lack of time and travel left me with less than two days to work out, at least less than two days to feel motivated to. But one thing I did stay consistent with was my nutrition.

As We Grow Older, We Grow Wiser

Ah the first Friday & blog of the new DECADE. Can you believe it's 2020?? Wasn't it just 2000.. I'm confused. Well I can say in 20 years I have learned a LOT. If you haven't, you may wanna take a look at yourself. haha.  I had a convo with my friend a few weeks back and she was saying how she was not sure if she wanted to have kids because of her anxiety and letting other people control her emotions too much. This was me a few years ago. When I say a few, like TWO.  I was always emotional and let other people's actions control my emotions, it was not healthy. I had to stop and realize it was me, no one else who was making me feel the way I was; a rollercoaster of anger, depression, anxiety and rejection. 

Successes of 2019; Goals for 2020

Set Goals, Sleep, Wake up, Crush Goals, Repeat.

Lessoned Learned in 2019: Less Planning More Living

I am a planner, always have been but in 2019 I kinda threw my hands up in the air & have gone with the flow & it's been the best year yet. Life wasn't meant for us to stress or cry over, it was meant to be lived everyday doing something that brings you joy. It doesn't have to be work, but take time everyday to do something you love doing. Don't do anything that doesn't bring you happiness, it's a waste of your precious time.

An Influential Lunch with Lysa TerKeurst

If I could have lunch with one person who Influences me in a positive way it would be Lysa Terkeurst, the author of "Uninvited". That book saved my life I swear. It made me accept uncertainty, accept Gods plan over my own dreams and made me stop taking everything so personally... it's not always about me haha!! Lysa's books talk about not feeling good enough, having so much urge to control everything and accepting that God is in charge & when you let Him do the work things seem to work out better than you planned.

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