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Hello & welcome to my fashion & lifestyle blog, Style My Mind! Here I post weekly about affordable fashion trends, but ya know, like real affordable! My favorite products, beauty routines & lifestyle experiences! I'm a girls-girl who loves the outdoors, white tee shirts & Disney World. Join me on my journey!


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Faith in Fear: Story 6 Beauty in the Pain

"She is clothed in strength and dignity, and laughs without fear of the future." -Prov 31:25 After mending my broken heart for 8 months, I started to find myself again. There were some really dark days of endless tears, curled up on the bathroom floor in fetal position sobbing my hydration away. I distanced myself from people who brought out the worst in me and filled my days with hot tea and cardio. Work started to get better as I devoted a lot more time into advancing my knowledge on our system and processes.

Faith in Fear: Story 5 The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Fast forward to 2018, I moved to Tampa in June 2014 from Jacksonville to be closer to my family. I moved around a lot, like moving into my 6th apartment this year. Haha. What can I say, I like change? Anyway, the last 4 years of "relationships" if you can call them that have been a struggle but it was in those times that I really learned a lot about myself and what I really want and what I am not willing to settle for.

Faith in Fear: Story 4 You Gotta have Faith

Happy Monday friends; here we are on week 4 of my series, Faith in Fear. I really hope you have been enjoying it. I want to be sure you know that the reason I wrote this series is to show you that God is always there even in the tough times. Life isn't all butterflies and rainbows all the time. We can hide behind social media all we want, but this is the real deal. These are situations that really happened and in the end it all worked out despite my worry and lack of fear.

Faith In Fear: Story 3 Where It All Changed

When I was in high school I wanted to be a writer, I took journalism and loved writing poetry and short stories. In college I still wanted to be a writer, I graduated with a Degree in English with a minor in journalism. I had a dream of writing for Vogue. I knew that was what I wanted and that was what I was going to do, it would be easy right? Wrong. I graduated in October 2008. Can anyone recall what season that was for Wall Street? Yeah, not a good one. But me being a 23 know-it-all decided it was a perfect idea to move to Hoboken and go after my dream. Oh boy, I would not call this a mistake because even though my 3 months of North Jersey living and waitress career was definitely not "fun" but it was a life lesson. When we are young we think things come easy. Well I have a degree, I can produce some pretty good writing samples, what else do you want? Um experience, or  how about a standing economy? I was clueless.

Stylish Gals Do It for Holly

Friday night and the lights are just right. That was the setting of this perfectly weathered evening on February 15th in Channelside, Tampa. Don Me Now & Bubbly Barchique was well lit, fully stocked and ready to welcome guests. The night started out with a fine variety of champagne and rosé flowing through the crowd of ladies and a few spectacular gentleman who graced our presence. Ladies entered, ordered their love-themed drinks and went straight to shopping! Of course there were many shopping-breaks to pose for the perfect photo in front of the Valentine's backdrop.

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