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Ok, so the jig is up! I am a Disney queen. I love it. It is my escape from life, my happy place and I have learned the ins & outs & how to do it up, adult style. Read more to find out my tricks...

It's summer vacation, where ya heading? Don't write Disney off as a place just for the kids. It's definitely not! In this article I want to share with you my best practices when visitng the most magical place on earth.

1. Stay at the Hilton Palace in Disney Springs

It's the most adult hotel in Disney with all the same perks. There is a shuttle to the parks, a hop across the street to Disney Springs BUT the kids pool is seperated from the adults, they have a great pool bar and adult games like cornhole and ladder golf. They totally have a lazy river which is my favorite spot. We like to rent fun floats and dance to the DJ on Saturdays.

I think this fella had a little much too adulting

2. Steer clear of Magic Kingdom, stick with Epcot and Animal Kingdom. Hollywood Studios comes in at number 3 because its's converting to like all Star Wars and that's just not my jam. Epcot has awesome events like the flower show happening in spring and food and wine which happens in the fall. And you can always drink around the world. The best ride there is Soarin'. DAK is my other favorite park because well, the animals! You can also drink and my number one favorite ride is there Expedition Everest. Also, really love the safari! Make sure you do Fast Passes 30 days before your trip. I still haven't gotten on Pandora yet, I am so upset so if you see it available - book it. Download the Disney app!!!


3. Buy a cute backpack and bring your own snacks and water. Disney doesn't have to be expensive. Make sure the water is closed and you're good to go. 

We didn't bring this food but one of our fave places to eat is Splitsville in Disney Springs, great food and drinks!

4. Always have themed shirts for fun!!!!! You can be a big kid here... but with alcohol!!!! I have 6 pair of Disney ears. As an adult you actually have money, so go here planning on spending it. Not necessarily on food but they do have the cutest clothes and souveniers. 

5. For Florida residents the Silver Disney pass is $140 down and $28 a month. After your first year, nothing down $32 a month and totally worth it. Blackout dates are from June-mid August, 2 weeks at Christmas and Easter break. You don't get parking but if you go to a hotel and tell them you are there to eat, park there and take the monorail or shuttle over to the park. Also, you get 20% off all shops and 10-15% off certain restaurants. 

Xo, Cheers!

When I started reading this book I was like "OMG this is so me!!" and I am sure it's probably a lot of you as well. Who really likes rejection? Who likes to feel inadequate? Probably no one. Lysa shares intimate details from some difficult times in her life that really help build a rapport with her and understand that we are not the only ones going through such hard times. We are not alone, we are loved and we can get through it. Read more here.





Photos by Audra Nicole


Lysa TerKeurst's book Uninvited changed my life.  I am a very strong, confident person in most of the areas in my life however; I do not handle rejection well, have a strong reaction to things I cannot control and have slight a fear of abandonment (nothing like laying out all your flaws for everyone right? haha). Soon after beginning this book, I realized Lysa is my soul sister. I also felt like I am not alone in feeling this way.  Most of the time I turn to TV shows to feel relateable to others i.e. Brooke Davis from One Tree Hill is also some sort of spirit animal. But that gets kind of tired. Because as we know, no one can make us feel better or lift us up better than ourselves and the Lord. In this book, Lysa shares very personal experiences where she is completely vulnerable and honest, letting us into her not-so-Christian-like character trait. We all have 'em! Let's be honest, we were not made to be perfect we were made for a purpose and most of the time it's to help someone else. In my eyes, Lysa's fulfilled her purpose, at least in helping me.


I want to take you on a walk through a few of my favorite stories and quotes from the book and share how they helped mold me into the better person. I am not completely fixed, everyday I have to work on not reacting and not trying to control things but I am learning! Join me on this journey so maybe I can touch one of your lives as well.


"The beliefs we hold should not hold us up even when life feels like it's falling apart."  This quote in the book hit home for me because I claim I am faithful, I claim I believe and I claim I want the life God wants for me however, when I am rejected or life isn't going my way I shut down and starting feeding myself negative thoughts. It's really unhealthy. If we have faith and we truly believe God knows what's best we need to live like that every day in every situation, keepng Him in control of life not you. Life was not promised to be easy. But looking back, every time I went through something traumatic or painful I realized a few things; it doesn't last forever, that feeling is only temporary. And secondly, something great always came next. If we keep holding on to our old ways, old relationships etc we will never open ourselves up to a relationship with God or anyone else for that matter.  Lysa goes on to say you cannot tie your identity to a circumstance, because circumstances are ever-changing and unpredictable unlike God who is never changing and always wants best for us. I could have used this book a year ago when I was totally heartbroken over a man I was seeing who decided for ME that I deserved better than him. Turns out, he was right, BUT at the time holy rejection! I shut down, I cried, I got down on myself and felt like I was not good enough for him and he just didn't want me. I didn't understand what I could do to change his mind. But what I didn't know until reading this book, is rejection isn't about you it's about them and their circumstance. And without giving away his personal life, he was going through some difficult circumstances which had nothing to do with me. In fact, I was the sun in his life and he told me that every day. He eventually came back of course haha and that's again when I realized he was trying to make the best decision he could at the time for the situation but that didn't mean I wasn't good enough, in fact it was the opposite.


"God is good. God is good to me. God is good at being God." I reiterate this to myself every morning, or at least once a day when I feel I cannot control something, which is often. I  had a big issue with wanting to control everyone around me. Like this quote from Lysa's book, "Here's the plan, and trust me it's really good God. So if you could bless all this … don't mess with all this …. Just bless it and we'll be good." Ok, story of my life. I was and still am trying to control plans and situations with everyone around me. I may not talk about it, it may just be in my head but I do it. Like ok I really feel like he should just love me because why wouldn't he? Or, ok here's what's going to happen God, are you good with that? You can only control you, that is it. Not a circumstance, not another person, nothing else but yourself and your feelings and reactions. But here's the trick, you can't let your emotions or feelings dictate who you are or run your life. Validate the feeling, feel it and then move on. Lysa tells us not to let heartbreak actually break you but let it change you. Let it make you better, let it mold you. I took heartbreak and made it into this blog two years ago and I am so glad I did. If it wasn't for that pain I was going through I may never have felt the urge to even begin this. I was looking for an outlet and I found it here, thank you God.


If God had given me my "plan" I had 6 years ago, I would be married to my high school love, living in New Jersey with a few kids and most likely a drinking problem out of boredom. He knew that wasn't the life he had planned for me. The life I have now is way more than I ever even considered asking for. I never thought I would have the bravery to leave my family and friends, but I did and God had my back every step of the way. This is why I am saying, you have to trust with every part of you. Not when you feel like it, not when it's working out but in every single situation. I still struggle constantly and we are only human, so it's expected, but this book has helped me tremendously in trying to let go of my control and be at peace and be more present in moments. I have less anxiety and am enjoying life a little more now.


 I just wanted to take a minute to share what I took from the book. There is a whole world of Lysa on these pages that I did not write down here (but I have like every page folded down or written on haha!) and you may take something different from it. I have already suggested it to 3 people and I am praying it helps them just as much as it has for me. Thank you Lysa for blessing me with your words to help me become the person I am meant to be. Oh also, I am now starting her other book Unglued, about how to make emotions and reactions work FOR US and not against us. Stay tuned.....


*Outfit Details*


Shirt : Amazon 

Earrings: The Gem Co (these are sold out but there are so many other cute ones!)

Shoes: Lucky Brand

White Crops: Lauren Conrad

Gucci Beltbag

Sunglasses: Amazon

Layered Necklace: (my fave) Amazon



XO, Cheers!


Lifestyle Blog Alert!! I always like to dedicate time once in a while to reflect where I am in life and maybe inspire or uplift one of my readers. Life, of course, is more than just looking cute but it doesn't hurt that's for sure! In this blog I want to briefly talk about my journey to where I am today. I am by no means at the destination, I am actually not sure I believe there is a destination in this life because I always want to keep growing and moving forward. Keep reading for more......

"Turn your face towards the sun, and the shadows will always fall behind you." - Walt Whitman

As we all know, life is full of ups and downs. And anything can change in a matter of moments. I have gone through a lot of this the past few years. We have all loved and lost; if we are lucky. And while in the recent moments the pain feels like a giant boulder just got launched into your whole body, we know deep down that time will heal that. God promised that this life would be worth it, not easy! And if there's anything I know about the big guy upstairs, He doesn't lie and he always fulfills His promises in His own time, not ours. So day after day we push through rising up like the sun, burning bright with the best intentions of living our best day

 I remember when I fell into my first "rut". It was about 2006 and I was 21. Yeah, a rut at 21 LOL. My friends were all older and graduating college and I still had two more years left at Rutgers. I was a waitress at the time at Clancys Pub in south Jersey, working nights and schooling days. My life felt super redundant like a scratched record playing the same screaching melody over and over.  I remember my dad always telling me, "your time will come just keep doing what you're doing, you're not where you want to be but you're better than you were last year." While I fake smiled and nodded my head at him to his face, as soon as he turned away I rolled my eyes and shook my head. I don't want to hear that. I needed to hear more than that. Never the less... my time came! And I graduated, moved to Hoboken, moved back from Hoboken and started grad school all within 4 months. Toldja, things can change instantaenously. Also if you have read my past blogs on my old site, I am a serial mover and this is where it started. My 3 month stint in the city next to the big city.

Currently, my best friend is 26 and falling into her first "rut". And guess what I keep saying to her? "Don't worry your day will come. I was in the same place you were then." haha I wonder if she rolls her eyes at me.

It's true though and looking back I so badly wanted a job and my own place etc and now I have a job and my own place and a lot of responsibility. I just wish I would have enjoyed my time in present moments a little more. Don't get me wrong, we LIVED! But I didn't appreciate my mundane life as much as I should have. 

When my aunt died in 2012 is when I decided I was done with the black hole that is New Jersey and moved to Florida.  Living here the last 5 years, I have really learned a lot more about enjoying experiences, present moments and learning from the hurt. Being hurt sucks, sucks, sucks but I do believe it happens for a reason. I am an overreacter and an overthinker sometimes and am working on that. So instead of being annoyed about not being able to control a situation I now take a minute before responding or before reacting and really think about it and try to see it from someone else's aspect. I know I can be totally irrational and I do realize that. Let the small stuff go people, it doesn't helo to worry. Pick and choose your battles. You don't want to go through life carrying the weight of the world or anyone elses issues on your shoulders. It's not worth it.

I struggled to get where I am. I moved a lot, went through some financial ups and downs but always paid my bills on time and budgeted the hell out of my bank account. I went on vacations, made great friends and mantained a lot of relationships that otherwise would have fizzled out if I let them. I am finally content with being on my own and understand that my story is not like everyone else's. I never asked for a husband, I asked for independence and a fulfilled lifestyle... which is what I have. It's not that I don't want to get married, I am just not settling because I worked really hard to get where I am and it's going to take someone special for me to bend. I date, and I have fun and I live my life. I think the point of this blog is, whether you're in a rut or happy or wishing for someone else's life... remember God wakes you up for a PURPOSE not to be PERFECT. Live YOUR best life everyday, not anyone elses. Enjoy the moments because next thing you know it's "your turn" and you're already on to your next chapter.

Outfit details: Scout & Molly's Hyde Park
Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Shop Looks here!!

Xo, Cheers!


Number one... I am 33 today!! Happy Birthday TO ME!!! Get to know me better by learning some fun facts and all about my quirkiness today on my blog! Xo Cheers... literally!

Happy Birthday TO ME!!!


I am 33 today... how in the world did that happen?! YIKES! I was a little bummed but ya know what I have done a lot more than people at 33 & happy as hell to have made it this far. No not married, nope! No babies! But I did move to Florida by myself, established a huge friend and network base here, grew my career x5, and started this amazing business of mine that is doing fabulously. I have traveled, been on TV and published over 150 online articles! Not too shabby!

So...Here are 33 other things you may not know about me:

  1. I moved to Florida from south Jersey in 2013 for multiple reasons one being the weather, I hate the cold and loathe the snow.
  2. I have a Masters Degree in elementary education that I never really used.
  3. I have a Pomeranian named Stella who is 13-ish. I rescued her in 2011. She's still super sassy!
  4. I do not have a filter and say things as I see them, sometimes it can be a little harsh but it's never my intention to be!
  5. I hate the post office, gives me anxiety... like sweating in every crevice nerves! 
  6. I'm really bad at parking, and if I have to pull into a spot on the right instead of left it  gives me even more anxiety.
  7. I love white tee shirts, toothbrushes and Christmas... like more than most people should. Another obsession is Disney World, it's the place I go to get lost. I relate a ton to Elsa.
  8. I always have put career in front of having a family, not sure if it's for me in this lifetime yet but I know right now it is not the time. I have gotten ok with "whatever God wants for me is what I will be happy with" mindset!
  9. I love kids though! I have a godson named Mason who also has a sister named Taylor who live in NJ. Most of my NJ friends are settled down with kids... nothing else to do there really!
  10. I work full time as an account manager for The Hartford Insurance where I manage a $25M+ book of group benefits business for the state of Florida. I travel a lot for work.
  11. I also work with Market America promoting and selling their amazing products and services that I fell in love with the last year (products linked in the "fav products" scroll on main page"
  12. I work out because I have to. I like it sometimes but would mostly rather drink wine and eat tacos.
  13. I'm a little OCD and very type A.
  14. I love planners, like the ones that you write in. I can't use my phone to keep me in check!
  15. I have a girl crush on Jessica Simpson and Sophia Bush.
  16. Justin Timberlake is my #1 star crush.
  17. I do my own toes and nails every two weeks. Its my "me time" while binging girly shows.
  18. I feel like One Tree Hill can relate to any and everything you're going through in life. I associate closest to Brooke Davis.
  19. I am a Christian, I go to Grace Family Church in Tampa and I read a bible passage or two before bed every night.
  20. My dream is to own a wine and clothing boutique specializing in shopping events and wine tasting. TBH I really want a vineyard.
  21. "I don't believe in the Republican or Democratic Party, I just believe in parties.) -Samantha Jones (& me)
  22. My eye brows are bleach blonde and if I don't color them in you would never know they're there!
  23. The first thing I notice on a guy is teeth, second is shoes.
  24. I was a cheerleader for 12 years and was a softball pitcher for 6.
  25. I love camping! Like the real deal pitch a tent - baby wipes & dry shampoo kinda camping!
  26. In the shower I have to have all my bottles facing out towards the tub so they can "see".
  27. Growing up I swore sharks lived in the drain of my pool, I'm deathly afraid! #1 fear.
  28. I have a slight fear of abandonment. Ok it's a big fear... I hide it well with wine and running. 
  29. I'm a real good first mate! I can anchor and work a boat pretty well!
  30. My parents have a condo at the jersey shore and it's a wonderful past time of mine (Wildwood NJ, not where Jersey shore was filmed).
  31. I hate my voice. It's super Jersey and nasal hence why I don't do a lot of videos.
  32. I got LASIK last year and was the best decision I ever made.
  33. It's my goal to get to NYFW & Paris Fashion Week

XO, Cheers!


Even though I am technically a "millennial" I still cannot get on board with using my phone to keep me organized and on top of things. See what I use to keep myself on track and also keeps my mind, spirit and soul on a positive path each day!

Ok, like I said... I know I am supposed to be a "millenial" and all but I still do not 100% trust technology. My friend who is 30 and in college was saying how all the younger students in her class take all their notes on their phone. um WHAT? That could get deleted. You don't have a lot of control when you do things on your phone. Yes the cloud is great, but we all know that technology is bittersweet. Which is why I am and always will be a hand-to paper- planner kinda girl. I have a desk calendar, a wall calendar and my transcedingwaves planner that I carry with me in my purse. 

This planner is fantastic because it breaks everything down by month, week and day. There are spaces for a to-do list, we all need those! And spaces for goals, aspirations, affirmations and for reflecting. Writing is very calming for me and when I can organize my thoughts or things I need to accomplish I feel like half my duties are done for the day. One of my favorite spaces is for finance to keep you on a weekly budget. Some of us shoppers need those :) 

Just as important as it is to have and meet professional goals, it is just as important if not more to have personal goals. Sometimes they co-inside! I love the bounding of the planner as well, it's leather bounded and locked with a magnet. They do have some other designs as well you can check out in the link above. You can use my code STYLEMYMIND for 10% off. Try it, you won't be disappointed. Some of us, just like an old school way of organization, doesn't mean we're old haha!

XO, Cheers!


It's been exactly two years since I published my first blog and how far I have come!!! Today I want to thank all of you for your love, support and help to grow this baby of mine. Today I am sharing 10 things I have learned in the last two years and my favorite photos! XO Cheers!


I am still tweaking and adding but I love it and I hope you do too! This was a big investment that I made this year and I am glad I have come far enough in my blogging to do so. Two years ago I started a free Wordpress account and thought eh better not pay unless I know I am good enough at this. And with time, I think it just keeps getting better! And here we are.

It's been two years ago today that I published my first blog and wow have I come a long way. Obviously, I am not a full time blogger I do have a job amongst the corporate world still but with that being said… the lengths that I have come in two years have been pretty damn good! Today's launch post I am giving you the in's & out's of what I have learned in this world the last two years! So any new bloggers or anyone thinking about joining the fam, here are some tips!


  1. Never lose site of your purpose despite the "trending" bloggers and what they do

  2. Always make sure your posts have helpful content behind them

  3. Have your own voice and writing style

  4. Find someone who knows how to take good photographs and knows your good angles

  5. Always use original content (most of the time)

  6. Know your true blogger buddies who will always have your back, thank you VStylist & Olivia Stacey

  7. Take a day and write. I always take one Sunday a month after church to schedule out as many blogs as I can

  8. 80% of your Instagram should be social not selling

  9. Write about something you are passion about it, people can feel that in your writing and it attracts them to it

  10. Stay educated. Stay organized. And stay happy doing what you're doing!


Here are some of my favorite looks from the last two years.
Thanks for the love & support!

XO Cheers!




Look good, feel good. Why I cannot and will not live without the Isotonix products. I have a story and yours may be similar. I want to help!!!



Daily Essentials Packet; everything you need in one serving!



I love that the products are powdered and in individual to-go packets since A. vitamin pills hurt my stomach and B. I am constantly on the move!



Read more about Trim Tea below!


The holidays have come and gone, the work outs slowed down and the booozin' and foodin' were in full swing. Until this last year I did not realize how important vitamins really were for your health in many ways. And, not even just vitamins but other products as well (which I am about to share with you). I always took regular gel pill multivitamins from CVS or wherever was on sale but a lot of times they would make me sick so I would just stop taking them. The pill was too harsh on my sensitive stomach.

Before I deep dive into the products I want to share my story, the short version. I have always had stomach issues my whole life. Dairy was never my friend and I sometimes felt like I was a boarder line IBS candidate. I was always careful of what I was eating and drinking, until I wasn't. Last Christmas (as stated above) I started the downward spiral of drinking too much red wine, eating too much pasta sauce and acidic foods and over Christmas break I was very sick. I spent it not really drinking or eating and if I did I would be doubled over in pain and nausea the next day. I saw my Dr when I returned to Florida from New Jersey and they put me on an acid re-flux medication, Protonix, which helped for a little while.

Ironically, when I went back to New Jersey in June (maybe it's just that place that makes me sick!? hmmm...) I was in the hospital with intense, sharp stomach pains. I was on the bathroom floor crying and could not hold anything in my body for over 24 hours, which was when I went to the hospital. I was certain it was my appendix. I was there for what felt like 100 hours when the Dr told me that I had inflamed and swollen lymph nodes on my intestines. I contracted it from a child, most likely a stomach virus that attacked my intestines and there was nothing to do. No medication to take and no food or drink to avoid. I was still careful, until the next day when I drank again (stupid girl). Long story short, I came back to Florida and the pain was still not going away. I approached my friend Holly who is a Certified Nutraceutical Consultant for Market America products such as Isotonix and TLS about two months after this had happened in August. She suggested a few things to get me on to try to take care of this issue I had with natural supplements. I did all this and added some OPC3 (not pictured) and in just a few weeks the pain almost completely subsided. I still feel like I have IBS and am being tested for it but these products have helped me live a healthier day-to-day lifestyle. I highly suggest the OPC3 because it assists with inflammation and I know my intestines are inflamed.



She recommended a multivitamin, medical grade aloe juice, and probiotics with enzymes. All of these products are in a powder form that you put with water so they are less harsh on the gut and easier for me to consume.

I have been on them for 3 months, and I can honestly tell you:

  1. My body has never felt better: my stomach is regulated, I am no longer in pain and I have more energy.
  2. Everyone is telling me how great I look and I truly believe these products not only help promote internal health but out as well. My skin is healthier and my weight is maintaining much better.
  3. I can still drink alcohol and have my cheat days. I am very careful about my alcohol consumption. I really try not to over do it or drink too many days in a row because that is when I do get the intestinal pains but the aloe does help with that.All of the products are linked below!All products are linked below, just click on the hyperlink direct to the product.

Ultimate Aloe Bottles
Ultimate Aloe Powder (for on the go)

If you are going to get the aloe, I would suggest getting the regular flavor because it's more potent and really helps cleanse.





Only take a white cap full of this, not the clear measurement! And I will honestly mix this and my probiotics and aloe all together. My little Iso-Cocktail!


Digestive Enzymes with Probiotics





Trim Tea

?The Facts
In a double-blind placebo 10-week controlled study
on WellTrim ® iG,

52 participants lost an average of
28 pounds and 6.3% body fat

In other clinical studies, WellTrim® iG, resulted in:
? 51.7% reduction in C-Reactive Protein Levels
? 22.5% reduction in blood glucose levels
? 80.9% reduction in fat production
? 26.3% reduction in total Cholesterol
? 27.2% reduction in LDL Cholesterol

Image result for trim tea

Image result for trim tea

This is the new product I am so excited to try.

Thank you Isotonix & Holly. You saved me :)

?OH!! Shoppers, the best thing about ordering from Shop.com is CASH BACK! Who doesn't love that!?!!

Please feel free to email me with any questions you have: stylemymindjenn@gmail.com or Holly Howroyd hollyhowroyd@gmail.com.



XO, Cheers!

How things change. Find out what we learned in Nash about bachelorette parties in your 30s!

You can actually afford to fly somewhere because you have real jobs.



You over-pack. Mostly because you wear more clothes to bars than you did when you were 23. And you actually care about getting sick in cold weather.



Everyone requires a sleeping space, no floors please.


Hair washing is non-existent for 4 days. Enter dry shampoo.


You can afford to go to a nice, fancy dinner rather than ordering up nachos at the local watering hole.

The party starts early & ends early. Must get out of bar before sloths enter. "Why don't we do a little day drinking?!"







Stomach issues and acid reflux is a real thing. Food must be elegant and well-thought out.



You worry about being hungover.


[gallery ids="6791,6790,6789" type="rectangular"]

Your grimy pick up lines are not a turn on, it makes us want to punch you in the throat. Except for your Tyler #2!


You befriend all your Lyft drivers because they're your age, you actually care about the story they have to tell you about the historic building to your right, and you didn't puke in their car!


Speaking of history, it is actually important and you are actually interested. This weekend is more than just drinking.




You're ok with having to make the best of plan B.


You spend money on creative, personalized decor and Victoria's Secret lingerie instead of trashy veils and penis straws.


You steal TP from every bar just to ensure you're never left without it that night.

There's no drama, everyone actually likes each other and gets along! ?






What a great weekend we had! We may be older, but we are sure as hell wiser!

XO, Cheers!

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