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Ladies, I want to share some affordable products I started using and really love. These are must-have for summer. Some of my makeup faves are the Motives Contour Kit, my eyelash duo, and the Motives Bloom palette. As for hair, I love the Tresemme Texture spray, Amika dry shampoo and L'oreal Air Dry It. Read more here.


Every few months I like to update you ladies on some of the new products that have entered my life. As we enter a new season, summer, I thought this was a perfect opportunity to introduce you to some must-haves I am using.

1.       Bloom Palette: I am oogling this eye shadow palette right now. The colors and pigments are so bright and so smooth. I don't usually wear eye shadow but since I got this, I wear it every day. I love mixing the sparkling copper with yellow or the coral. I have used the purple to outline the under eye lid which looked really pretty as well.


2.    Thick & Full Shampoo & Conditioner: The last few years I feel like my hair has started to thin a little bit. I think that comes with age as well as my consistent blonding and curling routine. Whoops! I researched some products that would maybe help thicken it back up and this along with the next one seems to be working pretty well. It restores the broken follicles in the hair which then in turn gives a thicker, fuller appearance.


3.       Living Proof Thickening Cream: this is a texturizing cream used prior to blow drying your hair which gives it a thicker consistency. 


4.       Smashbox Photo finish & Motives Primer: I double up these days. I use the Photo Finish for my full face & then the Motives for under & between my eyes to full in the small creases. 


5.       Motives Powder Contour Kit: I was super afraid to contour because it looked like way too much time and if you don't do it right, you can walk out of your house looking like a damn clown. When I discovered the Motives one and how easy it was, I took a chance. It worked out well. I love it. And *TIP* I actually use the "highlighter" to highlight my eye brow bone after I put on my eye shadow to give it a little lift! 


6.      You Glow Girl Highlighter: I actually do not use the highlighter from Motives for highlighting aside from my eye brow bone because I like a more shimmering high-def look so I got this one and I am obsessed with it. It makes you glow like you just got in from the sun. Gorgeous. *TIP* Mix this with the coral color from the Bloom Palette for a peachy-shimmering cheer!


7.       L'Oreal Air Dry It: Who doesn't love a beach wave?! Seriously. Ok I have great wavy hair but it can also get a little frizzed out. So I use this before I go to sleep along with the thickening cream to wake up with beachy waves. You can also throw it in there after a shower and just let it air dry if you feel your hair gets a little cray sleeping on it wet. 


8.       Amika Perk It Up Dry Shampoo: I have used many DS's and this is my fave. It came in my IPSY bag and I fell in love. It has the best smell and consistency.


9.       Tresemme Texture Spray: I love the Oribe texture spray but not the price so I tested out this new affordable one from Tresemme. I hate hard, crunchy hair. Hello it's not 1999 stop scrunching your hair. But I do like having some texture and a little hold. This provides both. If you have hair that does not hold a curl well, I would suggest a step or two up from a texture spray. Mine, luckily, holds a curl really well so I get away with a light hold. 


10.   Sexy Hair Hot Sexy Hair Protectant: This is important. I did not start using one until last year and I am so mad at myself because I fried my hair multiple times. Use one ladies. This one smells good and is reasonably priced.



11.   Last, my dynamic duo I swear by! L'Oreal Primer & Telescopic Mascara: I have used designer mascara such as Dior Show & Chanel & when I tell you nothing compares to this one, I mean it. I love long, silky lashes. One of my biggest pet peeves, is spider lashes. The primer helps create fullness where the telescopic brings the length without clumping! You can get both for less than $15. Try it! You will not be disappointed. 

XO Cheers!


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Getting older is part of life, but dark circles don't have to be included. As I hit 30 (a few years ago) I started noticing the fine lines and darker eyes. Creams only help so much and concealer only covers so much. Read about a great find below to help prevent dark circles and also help with puffy eyes!


We are all getting older, that is inevitable. After I turned 30 was when I realized "Ok. I need to start using something on my face at night." The Jersey girl in my loves to be tan (so does the Florida girl in me) and when I was younger I thought "Eh it will take ages until this ruins me." Well, ages it didn't, it's here and even though I'm not super late, I feel like getting ontop of a night time routine at an early age will definitely help prevent some of the issues I have had. Such as, forehead lines, 11s and crowsfeet. 

I have bought tons of creams and serums to try and fix these problem areas but it's a little late so now I am just preventing those little creases in my face from getting any deeper! Most recently, I started noticing my under eyes getting a little dark. I never really had an issue with this, but of course, like everything else with age it happens! I use concealer on a daily basis to cover this up but like my fine lines I wanted something to prevent them from getting worse.

You see, we get wrinkles and dark spots because we are not hydrating out faces appropriately. Like our bodies, our money makers need love and hydration too. I found VII Code's Oxygen Eye Mask a few weeks ago and started using immediately. It comes in 6 a pack and youu can use 2-3 times a week. They are little gel pads that stick to your under eye and you wear to bed (must wear for 8 hours). I was concerned about being comfortable but they are extremely wearable. They do not drip or move. One night I did make the mistake of putting on coconut oil before. I thought it would dry up in enough time before I put the eye mask on but it was not and I had to keep adjusting so be sure to have a clean, dry face when applying. 

The morning after my first use I noticed my eyes were way less puffy! I guess that is a perk as well! While I do not have incredibly dark circles under my eyes yet I am glad i found something I love to prevent them from getting worse. Girls in your 20s!! LISTEN UP! Get on this now because it's not fixable but it is preventative!

XO, Cheers!

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I always get asked how I get my hair to look so natural, well here it is ladies! A step-by-step how to!


I use either the GHD curling iron or John Frieda Loose Curls, both 1 1/4 inch. Every time I wash my hair, which is like once a week I apply Bed Head Small Talk which helps with the frizz and also Bed Head Big Head which is a roof lifter. The blow dryer is also GHD. These are definitely the best products in the market.




Blow dry and tease the hair with a teasing comb. Take your fingers (not a brush) and brush through it and comb down the frizzies until it looks like the below photo.





Part the hair (I do 3-4 layers depending on how thick the hair is) and run the curling iron straight down the hair 2-3 times to unfrizz and straighten it a bit. Star the curl about halfway down the hair and curl away from your face. Leave about an inch to an inch and a half out at the bottom DO NOT CURL THE ENDS! Leave for about 20 seconds and then pull the curling iron down the hair to elongate the curl. Then go back over the curl 2 times with the curling iron (straighten not curl) to loosen the curl like below.






Continue this process through the rest of the layers. Make sure to leave that piece out at the end. That is what is going to make it look more natural and beachy.






The back: everyone always asks me how to get the back of the hair. I pull it up and curl down, and then pull to the side like the below photos.






Run your fingers through the hair again. I then use Living Proof Texturizing Mist and then spray it with whatever hair spray you use. I use Sebastian Shaper Plus. I constantly pull the ends of the hair through out the day.








My fabulous hair dresser below, Jo Munday from Beautiful Design Spring Hill, FL! 


I do have a little video I will be posting on my social media as well. Let me know if you have any questions!

Makeup: Insta Smooth Primer by Motives, Foundation by Motives, Pressed Bronzer by Motives, Becca Chaser Highlighter,  L'Oreal Telecopic Mascara and Eyeliner, Buxom Lip Cream Hot Toddy.

XO, Cheers!


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