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Hello & welcome to my fashion & lifestyle blog, Style My Mind! Here I post weekly about fashion trends, lifestyle, beauty and some personal experiences.


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You know you have 'em! Things you absolutely cannot live without whether it be a dog, a product or security blanket. What are some things you can't live without? Read mine here.
Who's busy? We're all busy, right? This is the rat race we live in anymore. Always on the go, always in meetings or traveling. While this can be fun and keeps the paychecks coming, it is not my ideal day. So it made me start thinking, what is my perfect day? What would it consist of? Let's say money wasn't an issue, ever think about it… how would you spend the day?
Who doesn't love new jewelry every month? We're women, of course we do. I was introduced to Rocksbox about 3 months ago. Rocksbox is a monthly jewelry "rental" subscription box. I am here to tell you what I like about this box compared to some others I have used.
Since I know you guys LOVE learning about me, here are some of my favorite things, currently including song, food, place to shop & my favorite quote!
I hope everyone had a wonderful, fun and safe 4th of July! Holidays can be exhausting. We are running around, cooking, baking, picking up party favors and putting down the booze! It's almost like we need a vacation from holiday, right? Sometimes after weeks(ends) like this I need to just stop, regroup and get back to reality. I am a true culprit of a person who let's life get overwhelming before shutting down completely and realizing I need a break. Read more here!
As Miami Swimweek has come and gone, I wanted to share with you some highlights from this past weekend's trip with my girls. This is the second year Tamy (VStylist) & I have gone. We definitely learned a lot from our first year & now learned even more in 2018 as well.
In honor of my five years here in Tampa I am sharing some of my favorite things to do in Tampa, Clearwater & St Pete!
Since Florida is SO HOT in the summer it's hard to look cute all the time at the beach but so many of you take vacations or hang out at resort pools and today I am sharing how to style your swimsuit. Myself, like so many others, are loving the one-piece movement. They have been making so many adorable, stylish one-piece suits and I am loving them. Especially since my "summer bod" is still in progress.  Read more about this look!
So, my full time job requires a lot of travel. I am on the road or flying somewhere about 30% of the time. I am a pretty healthy eater majority of the time and I am really good with portion control however, I do indulge a little more on weekends. While traveling, it can be very difficult to stay fit and eat right with all the happy hour cocktails, lunch and learns and dinners in different cities. I like to explore and try different foods in different cities so I don't hold myself back when I am traveling. The key is to stay on track while NOT traveling. Read more about my work outs, supplements & favorite place to order organic groceries to your door!

I have wanted to write this blog for a few weeks and now with the death of Kate Spade I definitely felt a tug on my heart strings to share the truth about mental health.  My sister has always been very open and honest in sharing about her anxiety disorder. She has been living with it for quite a while and she has been someone I have turned to a lot in the last few years for help. I only recently was diagnosed with this disorder but have known for years that I had some issues. They really came to a head in the last few years with some of my relationships and in the work place. I would read things, articles and books and they would describe traits and I would think "OMG that is me!" but I never wanted to admit that this was something I had. I don't have anxiety attacks often but I do get anxiety often.
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