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Hello & welcome to my fashion & lifestyle blog, Style My Mind! Here I post weekly about affordable fashion trends, but ya know, like real affordable! My favorite products, beauty routines & lifestyle experiences! I'm a girls-girl who loves the outdoors, white tee shirts & Disney World. Join me on my journey!


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The second stormy season of my life came at the age of 7. I don't recall this being as near death or dramatic as the first one but, my parents were divorcing. I remember the night they decided to tell me. They told me to come into their bedroom and my mom was holding a handwritten letter in cursive (I assume it was points to make to me while giving me their speech). I said "are we moving? Did dad get a new job?" which were all normal assumptions coming from a 7 year old. My mom said they they both loved me and my sister very much but that my dad had been sleeping at my grandmoms and they were going to get a divorce, I cried.
I took about 2 months off from writing to figure out which way I wanted to go with my blog. I always wrote about fashion however, what I really feel most passionately about is life experiences and lessons learned. I want to share deeper stories and relate to people on another level rather than just sharing fashion details. Don't get me wrong, I most definitely will be sharing those as well but I want to focus more on lifestyle. I am going to share some stories with you from when I was younger, growing up and later in life where God showed Himself in the depths of my fears. Please read along, learn about me and I pray you get some inspiration in my "Faith In Fear" series.

Well, I never thought this would be the first blog I would write in 2019. I had taken a little break but have written some new content that I have not yet posted for February. Definitely did not want to have to be writing this but she deserves for people to know what an earth angel she truly was.

I met Holly about 3 years ago when her step-son passed away at 27 years old from cancer. You may recall a past blog I shared about Ricky, my cousin Geena's boyfriend. He was a great guy and is still thought of everyday. During this tragic time, Rick and Holly were still able to smile and keep their faith, trusting in God that there was some sort of miraculous reasoning behind the death of their son. I admired their faith because mine was not nearly as dedicated and holy as theirs. They later told us, that they felt like Ricky passing brought us into their lives and that was the best thing he could have given to them.

2018 is coming to an end and I have to say it really was a great year. Even though I had a few storms I needed to fight through, I made it and I am glad they happened because they were lessons learned. This was the first year I really started taking blogging seriously with a new website and a professional photographers so today I want to talk about some of the mistakes and lessons I learned in this last year.
Hey Y'all (yep still trying this out)!! It's almost Christmas! What are you bringing to your Aunt Edna's? Do you have a go-to dish that you concoct to bring to family parties? For me I bring one of two things, hoagie dip or my famous cinnamon apple sangria. This year it's sangria all the way!

And luckily for you I am sharing my recipe for you to shock and awe your fam with the best Christmasy- most festive cocktail ever!
My everyday make up routine is fairly quick and perfect for a girl on a budget. I was using expensive makeup like Motives and Dior until I found drug store brands that I liked way better. Everything I use is under $30 and most of it is under $10. I am giving you an inside look at my daily makeup routine, what I use and the price. 
But for me it's about a season that makes me feel safe, and loved and cozy. It's like being hugged by someone who loves you so much they just can't let go. Christmas represents Jesus and when I really started to fall in love was in 2012 when I really found my faith and learned the story of Jesus's birth.
She goes through the same trials we do growing up, wondering if we are good enough, if someone is going to fight for us, if we will ever find someone to love us the way we want. She is betrayed by her boyfriend, twice, she is hurt like we all have been but she builds her multi-million dollar company from a broken heart. Eventually she learns her worth and stands up for what she deserves. GUESS WHO?!

Dear Jenn,

The braces will come off and you will look less awkward in high school; but life is not all about looks doll. Stop being a shallow ice queen and see people for who they really are. Because one day you will be in love with him back, and it will be too late. Save your virginity for someone who you actually give a damn about. I know you think you love that boy, but you don't. Don't get those tattoos, they are not cute at 33. You're not fat. Your parents will stop fighting at Christmas eventually and then Christmas time will make you sublimely happy. You and Brittany will be best friends, so stop being such a bitch to her she doesn't deserve it! Let yourself love. I know you're afraid of getting hurt but it's a part of life and in the storm is where God makes you fight the hardest and changes who you are for the better.
Day after day it gets exhausting worrying about what I am eating and drinking and if it's going to make me gain 3-5 lbs. Being in the blogger world it's very difficult not to compare yourself to the other girls who are naturally thin and tall. I am certainly not tall, and not as skinny as most of the bloggers out there. I am 5'2", 125 lbs and a size 4 and ya know what, I am A-ok with it. Dieting and hardcore working out is just not my forte. It's not something I really enjoy. I do like to run, that is a basis of workouts honestly. I hate lifting weights, super boring, not for me. And I make any excuse I can not to do it.
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