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Fashion Friday

Happy Friday Stylerellas!
So, my new favorite trend, well I don’t know if it’s really even a “trend” anymore but I love the “messy bun”. I feel like even though you put zero effort into it (well let’s be honest, it’s a lot of work to get the perfect messy bun) it still makes you look classy and chic somehow. Here’s how I make sure my messy bun has all the assets it needs to be envied!

  1. Well since I already have wavy hair normally I will lube up my long tresses after the shower with “BedHead Small Talk”. I always sleep with my hair wet anyway because 85% of the time I can wake up with the most stunning beach wave (oogle away, I hear your jealousy from here).
  2. When you wake up in the morning (for me when that 15% kicks in & the front of my Cat Walked mane looks like I stuck my finger in an outlet) I put a little water into it to make sure it’s not frizzy. No one, ever, likes frizz! This is not 1985; please don’t ever walk out into public looking like a Troll doll. I then add a teeny bit of Redken 07 Mousse to the ends and any part that may look slight Troll-ish! Sometimes you may need to even take a blow dryer to it to get a little more poof, not FRIZZ, poof! Then I spray it with my favorite hairspray Fructis Style Anti-Humidity (aka ANTI FRIZZ duh!) Flexible Control!
  3.  Once your hair is at the perfect poof consistency, flip your head over and pull it to the top- as high as it will go bitches! Flip back up & smooth out hair at your scalp with a brush. Take your pony, preferably one that will not ruin your hair, wrap your poofed hair half way through the pony 3 times (like you’re going to do a lazy loop bun). Spray any parts sticking our looking like a chia pet with hair spray and tuck any straight pieces into the pony to make them look more curled. With this technique, I have been able to work all day, work out MID DAY & then run at night with the same messy bun all day. Definitely a hair-do “yes” for me.

If you are in the Tampa area go see Jo at Beautiful By Design! She is my amazing hair stylist who recommended this amazing BedHead product! South Jersey gals, see Bobbi at In the Village Salon!! My mama hooks it up! She’s been in the business for over 30 years and she is a mixologist!! NYC go see my cousin Nicole Tresch at Rita Hazan on 5th!!!

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend!

PS- check out my pix for products & final outcome on twitter @StyleMyMind

XO Jenn

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