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Hey Bloggies! Happy Winesday! Before we dive please take a moment to appreciate the photography at the top of the page. Photo cred- moi! Taken in Napa Valley 2012 with my awesome BFF. Napa kicks ass, go if you have the opportunity! You won’t regret it.

So I decided to throw something a little extra in my blogging week to mix it up with a Wine Down Wednesday Blog; I use the term “wine” lightly because sometimes it may be champagne, or a cocktail! Never know how crazy I am feeling mid-week. On this week’s Wine Down, I am featuring Natura Wines. I ran into Natura at my local Publix because it was BOGO! I always jump on the BOGO’s. I was a little late this time around (the sale starts Thursday, I went Friday- lushes!!!) and there was 2 kinds left, Chardonnay (vomit!) and Carmenere (one bottle). I am normally a red drinker but I also don’t turn down a free bottle of wine. I grabbed the last bottle of red having no clue what this Carmenere was and the shitty ass Chardonnay. I got 2 rain checks for the “good” grapes i.e. Cabernet & was out the door. I was a little heated because I really wanted the Cab but beggars can’t be choosy. I went home & made shrimp scampi with spaghetti squash (fan fave!) so I opened the Char. I had a crappy day so I knew anything would be fine at this point. I put some fruit in it, that always helps. It was not bad. So not bad, I killed the bottle by 9. I haven’t done that in a while.. probably a good month at least! It’s not as oaky as some Chardonnay’s; or I put so much fruit in it I couldn’t taste it, but it went down very smooth. I was impressed. I researched the Chardonnay after drinking it, turns out it’s an “unoaked” wine! Look at that, I could totally be a connoisseur! It’s from Casablanca valley and according to their website ( the flavors consist of  grapefruit and pineapple with a hint of lime. I hate grapefruit and lime, so it must have a lot of pineapple to dilute the horridly bitter taste of that awful citrus mess.

This bottle retails for about $8-11; $11 at the local Publix &  for all my super “I can’t eat anything that isn’t covered in dirt right from the ground” freaks who are all about organic this and organic that, this is a total win! Hence its name Natura, it is organic. Maybe that’s why the Chardonnay didn’t take like it was tapped from a poisoned oak tree pumped full of windex (which is how I usually feel about Char). Don’t get it twisted, I still drink the Windex wine, I don’t discriminate.

So, this red bottle I got, Carmenere is a grape from Bordeaux, France. Side fun fact about Jenn: I love Bordeaux wine glasses, they hold so much more! And I love France! So it seemed like a yes from me. The Carmenere has a little kick to it but it’s smooth. It’s flavors are more on the spiced cherry side, I would drink this maybe with a red meat if I chose to drink my wine with dinner. Most nights, I will just pound the grape for the nutrients. The best part of this was I got 2 bottles for $11.89 and since they didn’t have the kind that I wanted, I got 2 rain checks! So I currently have 4 bottles of Natura Cabernet on my counter just waiting to be downed this weekend. Here’s a little nerdy history lesson on the Natura Wine. As previously stated, it is organic and gluten free so drinking it makes me feel healthy.  It’s grapes are squished and fermented in Chile. It is sold in the Publix, and I would imagine with all of its “healthy” perks, probably sold in Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods as well (but don’t hold me to that, I don’t step foot in those stores!)

Well, guys & gals thanks for tuning in to my first Wine Down Wednesday featuring Natura Wines. Until  Friday, cheers!

Xo JennIMG_9885_NATURA

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