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SHHHH!! It’s a secret!!… well it was!!
Hi bloggers! Today I am going to talk about a top secret beauty tip of mine. I’m sure there will be mixed feelings but who cares! I have always had really crappy nails. My nail beds are really small and I am just super harsh on my hands so I never have nice nails. I used to be super Jersey and get pink & whites every 2 weeks sharp– never missed a week. One summer I didn’t have a job & my dad told me to stop getting my nails done & I told him job or no job there are two things I will never stop doing, tanning & getting my nails done (I’m from Jersey, it’s like the staple!). I racked up like $2000 that summer on my credit card to make sure I had appropriate nails to walk out in the Jersey eye. Anyway, a few years ago, I discovered a new, cheaper, healthier way to have more natural looking nails, but are completely plastic. Yep, that’s right, PRESS ONS!

I started using press on nails in probably 2011. I took notice of my monogamous bi-weekly dates with my nail tech at how she would craft my nails from start to finish. Because I didn’t have long nails, she had to put on a tip. I noticed when she was doing it she would buff the finger nail to get all the oils off before gluing them on. That was my mistake back in middle school I guess I would just slap them puppies on, oil & all then find them the next morning under my pillow! Also, never use the pink crap ass glue that comes in the small tube- it’s like a gel glue. It’s junk. Get the one in the little bottle with the green label- Kiss brand. One always comes with box of nails too. For a box of like 120 nails is $5 something at Walmart and lasts me about 2 months, there’s your savings! I also usually buy the Ice nail polish in Walmart too that’s about $2. It works well for being cheap. My mom gets me the good stuff i.e. OPI, China Glaze from the wholesaler on holidays, which is sweet but otherwise, I use Ice. The brush is tine too which I like because like I said, I have itty bitty nail beds. Ok, I’m about to break down the steps for you on how to get natural looking fake nails on a dime.

1. Soak your hands & clip cuticles if you do that (I do, I love it).
Take a soft buffer, not a file that’s TOO HARD! And buff down the top of your nails to get those oils off, white powder from your nail is good, holds them on there.
Pick out the nails that best fit your nail beds. This is the most important part. You need to choose nails that do not overlap on to your cuticle and also don’t show your real nail on the sides. Sometimes I will need to file the edges to get them to fit right especially my pinkies because they’re like rice grains, I’m telling you, small! The fit is what is going to make them look less like white trash Lee Press-ons and more like natural fake Kiss press ons- Ah! What an oxymoron.

2. After you have fit all your nails and laid them out, I always do the pinkies first. I do both pinkies, then both rings fingers and so on and so forth. You can do one hand or the other, either way. Make sure they are on straight people because it’s a bitch to get off 1 second after the glue dries. IF you have one a look crooked, you can file it to make it straight, it’s not the end of the world. I would put the glue on your actual nail not the press on because it will drip & it’s super glue, it doesn’t come off. One time, I had to bite the bottle of my glue to get it open & it got all over my teeth. It was on there for days. And it was probably more than one time if I am being honest.

3. The last step is self-explanatory. Choose a color you want and carefully paint 2 coats and apply a good top coat. The Ice black bottle of clear is great and dries quickly. I love shiny nails so I actually apply a clear every 3 days or so. That’s the other good thing about the plastic nails; they dry a lot quicker than your real nails so you can open your wine faster tee hee!

I used OPI “you’re a Budapest.” I love love love purple nails.

image**NOTES! I always keep a bottle of glue and a small file with me in my purse in case one starts to lift. You never want to have a nail missing. That screams white trash press on like no other.

** I change mine about every 2 weeks. The nails will start to grow out & the edges will round. Like real nails, you have to keep them filed but if you follow my steps you should get 2 weeks out of them.

**DO NOT buy extra-long nails! These will pop off. That’s the key, buy nails that are on the shorter or medium side. The closer they are to your real nail bed, the stronger they are.
Lastly, this is 10x better for your nails. Yes if you wear them as often as me your nails will get brittle but I do give myself a few days in between to let my nails strengthen up a little. They rip off pretty easy when you’re ready to take them off & they do not hurt nearly as bad as acrylic coming off. They don’t leave ridges in your nails either, which really bothered me.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my super-secret beauty tip. Please let me know if you tried it & if it works for you. Feel free to ask any questions below.

Have a great weekend, cheers!
Xo Jenn

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