Birthday Brunchness

Happy Friday! **WARNING** lots of virtual hair tossing in this blog!

I hope everyone had an amazingly successful and positive week!  I went to Tortuga Music Festival– the country concert on the beach in Fort Lauderdale. The concert was great, a lot of awesome performers. Blake Shelton was by far the best, he killed it. The only other thing I can say about the concert is holy ass. It was like a giant butt buffet. I am all about the  “flaunt if you got it” attitude  but if I had a daughter and she was around a festival with 10 thousand perverted men she would never be allowed out of the house again unless it was handcuffed to me. Girls! You don’t want a guy to like you or give you attention just for your body, leave some mystery for goodness sake! And guess what, when you get old, your saggy ass doesn’t matter anymore and they will leave you if you don’t have a brain to go with the wilted melons hanging down the back of your legs. Go to school and put your goodies away; your fathers would commit if they saw that.


Ok- rant over! One of my fashion pros that I take pride in is being able to construct the perfect ensemble for every occasion whether it’s brunch, a bridal shower, a night out or beach day! I love being able to put together comfortable appropriate styles for events. The style I am spotlighting this week is my birthday brunch outfit I wore last week.

I was newly introduced to some sort of magical, unknown world by a friend of mine one day. Everyone knows HSN: Home Shopping Network. Well, they are HQ’ed in Saint Petersburg, FLA aka Tampa Bay! This I knew, this I was aware of, this is a goal: to be a writer for HSN! Anyway, a friend of mine mentioned the HSN Outlet. “WHAT?!” How did I not know where was an outlet that existed, not joking, about .25 miles away from my doorstep!? I am a total outlet shopper. I rarely buy anything from a department store asides from maybe Macy’s, Dillard’s and Kohls (Kohls is a whole nother blog!!!!) Otherwise, I shop at outlet stores, Marshalls, TJ Maxx etc. Steals and deals. So when I discovered this, I immediately told my friend we had to go. We did, the day before my birthday brunch (hair toss).image


When you walk in, it really is set up like a Marshalls and it can be intimidating to some people who like organization. Funnily enough, I am super type A and love organization but when it comes to shopping, I have been doing it bargain style for so long, I have a system down pat. Of course, we walked in and made a B line for the shoes (I still don’t understand the B line phrase by the way but it fits so well here, you get the point). On this particular day, the shoes were an extra 40% on top of the already sale. How they work their prices is the older the item, the more savings you get. For instance, if you found a pair of shoes from May 2015, it would most likely be 60% plus your additional 40%. It was like 40% for newer items, anything from December 2015 til now, 60% for most of 2015, then 80% for anything further back than that. Let me tell you something, I took Elementary Algebra 1 twice in college because I am just that bad at math, but this is the only kind of math I could do in my head and get you an almost 100% accurate number. Let me spit some algebraic expressions for my left sided brainers! I found the most gorgeous pair of Donald J Pliner heels from last year. They were actually in the super special “high end” case (toss toss). They were originally $228. I would never. One reason because I don’t go many places to show off $200 shoes, secondly, I borrowed my cousin Nicole’s Jimmy Choo’s before and they hurt like bloody hell. I thought maybe it was just the first time I wore them, so I tried again, nope! I still wanted to cut my feet off at the ankle by the end of the night. That ended my fantasy of ever wanting to spend more than $100 on shoes. Ok, so, I did the math… they were 80% off since they were from however long ago which brought me to $46 (I could live with $46 shoes) and then an extra 40% for the weekend sale, $46x.40= that’s right people, I got $228 nude stiletto pumps for $28!!! I felt completely and positively exhilarated when she rung me up. My heart was pounding.  This often happens when I am cashing out of a shopping trip but it’s usually because I have anxiety of how much I spent of the money for things I actually need like food, gas and electric. This was an exciting pound. So I ended up leaving there with 2 G by Giuliana skirts and a little jacket, so adorable; a pair of Kelly Osborne silk parachute looking pants except ya know, cuter! The most comfortable pair of jeans I have ever felt in my life, they feel like pajama jeans but they are not- by  Diane Gilman. They fit tightly in all the right areas and perfectly stretchy where they need to be- (hair flip!); 4 pairs of shoes,- the Donald J Pliner stilettos, Vince Camuto plum fringe booties (my heart!), Steve Madden sneaks (not sure what to wear them with yet but my stomach did a flip when I saw them so I knew it was meant to be) and a dorky-ish pair of black sandals for work which ended up giving me a blister on my toe the first day, but for $8 down from $60 I’ll deal; and a cut-out shoulder black cotton dress.  So, I walked out with all that (designer mind you) for $140. I almost fell to the floor. I felt so giddy. I immediately went home and started planning my brunch outfit, naturally.

I knew I wanted to wear the new Don’s (Yes I shortened his name because I feel like we have such a good relationship already that I can do that). The Don’s are 3 tier mesh nude stilettos with a shimmering snake skin heel (Pictured!). I was nervous; ever since the Jimmy Choo fiasco I had an aversion to expensive shoes. I put them on around the house and they were surprisingly one of the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever slipped into. I felt like Cinderella, except with a job. I decided I wanted to go completely natural looking for the brunch (my outfit not my face or hair). So I went with the G by G skirt, taupe colored, and a white tank with the Don’s. I laid out in the sun that Saturday after getting back from shopping so I could totally pull off the au natural look. I also decided I needed to look skinnier so I wore my waist trainer around for 3 hours Saturday night then a few hours before changing the next morning (more on that on another Fashion Friday). I wanted to do chunky necklace so I wore my multi-chain antique gold Lia Sophia necklace that donned some light pink beads which spiced up my whitened outfit just a hint; along with my token Lia Sophia Lemon Chiffon ring and a pretty antique gold angel wing bracelet my sister gave to me. One of my biggest fashion faux-pas is to wear a chunky necklace with over the top earrings. It’s one or the other ladies, this is not 1983. So, for earrings I did a small Banana Republic white stud white was surrounded by small diamond rhinestones. My bag, I wore Michael Kors Selma Messenger bag with gold studs. It was perfect….perfect size, cross-body, perfect color and a hint of gold to tie everything together. I think it was one of the best styles I have put together. It was simple but tres chic, exactly what I was going for.

My hair I did light beach waves using my 1.25 Hot Tools curling iron and my go-to Fructis hairspray. For makeup I used by regular run of the mill cover girl powder, with Kat Von D eye shadow pallet paired with the Naked 3 pallet; and for the lips always, always I always wear nude. Any kind! I love nude lips. It was great. I felt confident in the outfit and it was super stretchy and you can sit in it, dance in it, and spread your legs in it (JK- Bridesmaids quote). But it was totally flexi which I loved for a day of drinking and eating.


Everyone needs to figure out how to start styling their perfect outfit. This was just one example. It seems to me for most cases, I always start with the shoes. I am a shoe feign, so when I have an event coming up I always decide what the best shoes for the event will be and go from there. You have to figure out what suits you. Be creative, decide what you want your look to be, and don’t be afraid to add some edge or some of your personality into it. This outfit was pretty tame but I have had some that were pushing the envelope.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Fashion Friday and I inspired you to find the perfect style for your Sunday brunch!

XO, Jenn

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