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(Part 1) The happiest of Friday’s to everyone! Hope you all have riveting plans this weekend. My week, since I last posted has been anything but mellow. I mentioned the fashion show I was going to last Friday, Eye on Fashion in downtown Tampa. It was a competition of six new and upcoming stylists and designers from around the US.image

-MYA @ Volume Styling – Tampa, FL
– Sanniyah @ Curio Styling Consultants – Philadelphia, Pa. (YEAH! Philly what’s up!)
– Sherri Wright @ Styles by Sherri – Tampa, FL
– Stephon Kelly – Tuscaloosa, AL
– Faheemah Safa – New York
– Monique Cotton – Chicago, IL

We arrived a little before 6:45pm because the ticket said doors open at 6pm and of course we needed to be fashionably late (no pun intended). I was a little annoyed (in Jenn’s mind, a little is a lot) because the show did not actually start until 8:30pm. I left happy hour early to make it, so that kind of cramped my buzz and left a sour yet salty (from the dirty’s) taste in my mouth. But anyway, the venue was really nice and chic. It was very clean and white (you know how I love white!! <3) The DJ was good as well; the music was very modern, todays-hits type playlist. There was one problem I had, and this was not his fault, the host asked to play Rhianna’s “Work” two times during the show and I loathe Rhianna and I double loathe that song. I was coming down from a hard vodka buzz so that didn’t really tickle me pink. The water bottles were free which was cool because I had like 3 dirty martini’s and was more than half way to drunk by the time I got there.  I started pounding bottles to make sure I could drive home by 10 (which I could and I was fine). They had some finger foods, which were not good, but I love that they were free and you can tell the event coordinators really worked hard to please everyone and make it enjoyable, so A for effort.  The show finally started at 8pm (ish) and the host was really great (aside from the Rhianna incident). She was bubbly and had a great personality, was very pretty and motivational. The competition ran at a good pace… I was super tired. I had a long week, and a long day. We left early from work to do this Great Escape team event. Basically you look for clues to try to get out of the room before killing your co-workers. We did it, got out that is, and did not kill each other shockingly. And then went to the bar like I said, so by 9pm I was dead; my eyes were blood shot, I was not chic, cute or any of the other synonyms for these words. They had all the stylists showcase 5 pieces and the last one was a “wild card” where they had a bunch of hidden accessories on girls in the audience and they had 1 minute to choose the accessories to dress their model. I thought that was super creative. They also had a portion of the show where everyone brought out a model, were given a bag from a local boutique (they did not know what was in it) and they had 10 minutes to style them from head to toe i.e. hair, makeup, clothes and accessories. That was clever too, real out-of-the-box-y. Up to this point, I loved the show! They did a great job and there were two dresses I was absolutely smitten over and I was really hoping that designer would win because he was clearly the best, if I say so, it’s true!  He had the cleanest lines, most original designs, very modern and original and that is what I love in a designer and a fashion line. So they said, “ok we will have the results in 5 minutes…” well, 25 minutes later and no results, I was finished?. I turned to my friend, looking shitty chic by this point, and said we’re out and I will google the results. That was one big fail for me. First of all, don’t make promises you cannot keep! Secondly, if you know 3 judges can’t tally their scores in 5 minutes, why even put that out there? But 25 minutes, I don’t know how long it actually took because I left, but the good news is, my fabu-designer won and I am so happy for him. He totally deserved it (dresses below). So congrats Stephon Kelly, I can’t wait to find an event to wear that gold dress… maybe just a Friday night to Target?!image

My blog this week is two parts… welcome to part two!! The next event I attended this week; I told you I just moved recently and one of my really good friend assisted me, as he did last year as well (again, serial mover here, he’s used to it). So I told him I owed him one. I was hoping he would just say “you owe me a homemade dinner.” Wishful thinking. My dear friend created an awesome dating app. Yes, I know I hate dating, but I love social media so I’m pro apps no matter what they are. Plus, his is way cool. It’s not super shallow and it actually makes you put a little effort into it. I hate lazy people so it shows dedication which I definitely need in a guy, for multiple reasons. So he says to me, “I really need your help marketing my new app. I need to go to events and bring girls with me when I go.” Since he saved me $400 from movers, I agreed under one condition, I didn’t have to do it sober. He knows how much I hate dating but he also knows I’m pretty much the best friend you could ever have and I would of course support him for whatever he needed, so I went. I had about 2 glasses of wine before he picked me up. We went to a place somewhat downtown called “City Dog Cantina”. We showed up about 20 minutes too early so we went to the bar, of course, to ease the pain. No one was there but the “instructor”… is that what he is? I don’t know. All he really did was blow a whistle and explain the rules which were: write their badge number down, some notes and if you want to talk again at a later time after- no thanks.  So, ironically, my friend was my first “date”. It was good because it gave me more time to get the vino down. When the teacher, or whatever he was, blew his whistle after six minutes the guys would rotate seats around the space. What’s weird, the most annoying part about the whole thing was having to repeat myself 10 times. I love talking about myself, but that was too excessive for me. This is why I don’t date regularly with one guy at a time because it’s just too much work, let alone 10 in an hour. The guys were what you would expect, over 35 years old, losing most of their hair, doesn’t seem like they have seen the light of day too much, kind of guys. I met a lot of IT guys which was good since I was there to promote the app. Which by the way, felt a little rebellious since our teacher told us how much he hated dating apps and is why he instructs speed dating… I felt like I was there to coerce everyone to use the app and bail on their weekly speed dating binges. So evil, I loved it. There were a lot of insurance people there but they didn’t do what I do. People who sell insurance are cool, fun, and outgoing- you have to be because insurance isn’t really fun in case you didn’t know. But what they did was all numbery and data-ish, meh, please bore someone else with your analytics and just tell me what the margin needs to be for me to sell this bitch! When it finally ended, I of course, put NO to everyone except one guy who was ok. I probably still won’t move forward but I had to be a little democratic. My friend and I decided to stay for dinner before leaving. When we left, said to him, “There’s still daters in there. They just saw us have dinner and leave together, wonder if they think we are swingers!?”  My friend and I had a good time, we were able to market the app a little to people, hand out some cards and have some laughs. He loves dating (ugh) so he was totally in his element. He is always willing to give someone a shot which is what I like about him; he’s open-minded and always willing to try new things and people for that matter, with his little peppy-positive personality he has.- yin & yang over here, night & day.

So as we were sitting at the bar I posted a picture of his business card and my wine on my Style Instagram and we got a ton of hits. Right now the app is only in the Tampa Bay area but I think it’s going to be super successful because it’s very different than other apps. You get to choose the questions you want others to A. know about you and B. agree with you on. I love when everyone agrees with me! You can decide how many they need to get correct in order to make contact. I love this aspect because think about it ladies, how many weirdos can just email you with Match.com? I don’t have the time or patience to shimmy through all the losers to find one diamond in the rough. The law of numbers in the dating world is like, for everyone 100 people you click, 1 may be normal and you’re somewhat attracted to, and even that is pushing it. This eliminates all that which is awesome. People are busy, people want instant gratification! This is quick, easy and worth 5 minutes to tailor your profile and questions how you want. You know I love my style followers, if you’re single, or I guess in an “open relationship” like we appeared to be, go on and try it: DealBreakers! You won’t be disappointed. Spread the word; it’s better than Tinder, the concept, the look and of course, the creator- duh!

Thanks for checking in this week everyone. Have an awesome weekend!

It’s going to be gawgeous down in Tampa this weekend, 90s and sunny! I am getting my pale-self to the beach ‘cause I’m looking like a vampire!!

Cheers! XO Jenn

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