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It’s Friday!! Cheers to that!! (OK- it’s Saturday, I’m “fashionably late” pun very intended- sorry all!!)

I know for the most part I write about fashion (and lack thereof) but this week since I am doing a completely 180 in my diet I want to talk about my favorite paleo & 21 day recipes I have made off of Pinterest.  Yes this is a fashion blog, but you don’t change designers to fit you, you change yourself to fit the designers. You can’t look good if you don’t eat right, let’s just call a spade a spade… & probably hit the treadmill once in a while. Not just for your weight but for your health as well. It’s not about how everyone else looks at you, it’s about how you look at yourself and believe me, once you start feeling different and seeing results your attitude towards eating right and working out will change.

The first thing I brought into my life about  a year ago was shakes. I realized I can’t do whey protein because it hurts my belly so I started with soy, until my amazing friend, Dr. Katie, told me soy was actually not good for you so now I do plant based. I got mine from Home Goods actually for $17. I like chocolate but they do have vanilla as well. In my shake I do one scoop of a protein, a tablespoon of “trilogy mix” i.e. hemp seeds, flax seeds and chia seeds, a tablespoon of powdered PB (less sugar), one organic banana, handful of kale and/or spinach, one cup of almond milk and some ice; throw it all in your Nutribullet and good to go. I drink this on my way to work at 7am and I do not eat my snack (and stay full) until about 10:30 when I eat my snack bag of raw veggies. I also started to incorporate some good juices into my diet such as coconut water, which is not juice I know; Suja juices, Honest Iced Teas and Aloe juice. I detoxed for a few days from alcohol so these kind of replaced that- yes I do take a break from wine!

I started going on Pinterest every week and choosing about 4-5 different snacks and meals to do from the “paleo” and “21 day fix” posts. I want to talk about some of my favorites. One meal I actually made this week and it was not from Pinterest but I sure as hell need to post it on there because it was really freakin’ good. I call it the Quinoa Taco Bowl and you cook it in your crock pot:

·         1 cup quinoa

·         1 can black beans-organic

·         1 can corn- organic

·         1 cup chicken broth-organic

·         ¾ lb lean organic beef

·         Grape tomatoes

·         Cilantro- I will pretty much bathe in cilantro, it’s up to you how much you want to put in.

Throw in some salt, pepper but nothing else while it cooks. I cooked mine for 9 hours on WARM, not low it will burn, and then when I got home from work I blasted it on high for about 10 min while stirring in Siracha, cumin, garlic, parsley and onion powder. It’s very good with plenty of protein and veggies.

Ham & egg bowl: The next thing I actually took from my girl crush JS from her Weight Watchers diet. Her snack were these little egg bowls she made in muffin pans. I loved the idea because you can make 6 and they’re good for the whole week, I always food prep on Sundays. So I did what she (or her chefs) did, with one baked egg and added spinach, tomatoes and onions with salt, pepper and garlic. However, that egg would not come off the damn muffin pan to save my life. I had to soak that bitch for a month before I could finally scrape the egg off with a freshly sharped knife. So I saw this idea on “P”, I’m calling it “P” now because it’s too long to keep typing, so I saw this recipe on “P”, same type of deal except they made a little bowl on the bottom with a baby ham slice, duh! Perfection! They created a barrier between the egg and the pan- worked like a charm and so great for a mid-morning snack!

 Eggroll in a bowl (lots of bowls in this post I see)… Super easy, super good, a little salty but non-carby so it evens out J  get a bag of shredded cabbage or coleslaw mix, 1 lb sausage (I used the breakfast sausage, like the ground sausage roll), fresh garlic, ½ cup soy sauce, 1 teaspoon ginger and green onion. Basically cook the sausage in a skillet until it’s done, combine the rest of the stuff in a bowl on the side, add to skillet then add soy sauce until it’s at the consistency you want, throw on the green onion and you’re done. It’s literally maybe 20 minutes with prepping and it’s really good when having a Chinese food crave.

 Greek Chicken Pita was from 21 day fix. I don’t normally like Greek food but this was really good and appealing to me for some reason. Here’s what you need:

·        1 Whole wheat pita

·         3 oz chicken breast

·         ¼ chopped tomato

·         ¼ chopped cucumber

·         1 tbsp red onion (& a pack of gum)

·         ¼ oregano

·         1 tbsp lemon juice

·         ¼ cup romaine

·         2 tbsp feta

 Cut it all up, cook your chicken, combine in a bowl and you’re good. Now, I used dressing on mine, I used organic balsamic vinaigrette but you really don’t have to. it’s good but potent and your breath with reek for the rest of the day, this was your warning!

 Lastly, one of my favorites, because like cilantro, I would also bathe in pesto. Pesto Caprese Chicken. Here’s your food list:

·         Chicken breast

·         Whole tomatoes

·         Fresh mozzarella cheese

·         ❤ pesto ❤

·         Fresh basil – another herb I would rub all over my body because it’s just that good

·         Some lemon for taste, salt, pepper, all that jazz!

 Cut the chicken breasts in half length-wise, OR you can just keep the regular breasts and put the ingredients on top but it will fall off, this is your second warning, so I stuff mine. Put the pesto, and mozzarella inside and bake for 30 minutes, take out and add the basil and the tomato. If you add the last two too early, it will get soggy or burn. So put it back in for another 10-15 minutes until you see it’s cooked. Take it out and add some lemon and your spices!

 So I don’t bore you into a conscious sleep, I didn’t want to go into details on all of my yummy discoveries but here is a list of others I liked that you can definitely find right on Pinterest.

·         Broccoli & cheese stuffed chicken

·         Mediterranean Chicken

·         Zucchini, corn & parmesan salad

·         Zucchini pizza bites

·         Broccoli & cheese bites

 And this is just a helpful hint, Ezekiel bread is a good thing to have in the house. I don’t eat a lot of breads but this one is all grain, fiber and protein!

 Let me know how your recipes turn out and if you have any more to send me please do! I am always looking for new ideas to cook in bulk for the week! Have an awesome weekend everyone!!

 Cheers, XO, Jenn

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