Style My Summer Cocktail

FITNESS FRIDAY is the topic today. Well, fitness-ish. So it’s summer now (how the hell did that happen?!), we worked all spring to get a semi-decent body that we feel can possibly pass for a mediocre mom/dad bod on the beach all the while falling off and jumping back on the alcohol wagon. At least I know that’s my case and majority of the people in my life. I did pretty well the last 8 weeks, I dropped about 8 lbs or so mostly from watching what I eat and working out 5-6 days a week. I don’t know about everyone else but it’s like when Memorial Day hits everything goes out the damn window, I mean flies out the damn window like Tweety bird trying to get away from that effing cat. All bets are off the table: bring on the carbs, bring on the beer, bring on the cookies, and bring on the bacon smothered, syrup-rimmed Bloody Mary and while you’re at it make it unlimited because it’s America and we do nothing in moderation here. Next thing you know, you’re walking around in a bikini like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s just ended and you got knocked up with a margarita by a little Mexican man who insists you name the baby Javier. People are asking when you are due and if you’re having a boy or girl. I’m having another damn margarita is what I am having and leave me alone.

I just want to be comfortable drinking my summer drinks and not worrying if Javier’s going to have a twin in a week or two. So I think I possibly mentioned that I started throwing in some vodka drinks and martini’s into my wine diet- it’s a wine-dka diet. I got a little (lot) tipsy a few weeks ago on dirty martinis a few weeks ago and am on hiatus right now from them. Then low and be-freaking-hold the ever so promising Memorial Day weekend rolled around and we needed a drink of the weekend. Ok, well I can’t drink red wine when it’s 98 degrees (Ooo Nick Lachey!). It’s just not good. I deal with white wine but not my fave, however, I do love a white sangria. So, my P.I.C and I came up with a low cal peach sangria. It was super awesome. So I am going to give you a list of 5 summer drinks that are low cal, very yummy and almost healthy!

Reach-for-a-Peach Sangria- pitcher

·         Lite Lemonade (we used Simply)

·         Regular Vodka (Stoli preferred)

·         V8 lite peach

·         Peach Club soda

·         Triple-sec

·         Nectarines (I don’t like peach fuzz but you can use actual peaches) cut about 3-4

·         Oranges 2 large

·         1 lemon

·         1 lime

·         1 box of Black Box wine- Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio either is fine

Directions: Cut the fruit and throw it in the bottle of the pitcher. Put the box of wine in (all of it), put in a whole bottle of peach club soda, about a cup of the v8 and ¼ cup of triple sec. You can drink right away, but usually I let sit in fridge for a night to let the fruit soak.

HINT! Freeze fruit i.e. grapes, blueberries, cubed strawberries etc to use for your ice so you do not water your drink down… you’re welcome!image

Strawberry Lemonade Refresher- 1 shaker

·         2 slices of lemon

·         5 strawberries

·         Stoli vodka

·         Lite Lemonade (whichever you prefer)

·         Ice

Directions: Take the strawberries and lemon with ½ cup of water and blend in Nutri-bullet or whatever you have, to make a puree.  Pour the puree, 2 shots of vodka and 1 cup of lemonade with ice into the shaker. Shake ‘til frosty, pour & drink!image

 Skinny Vodka Spritzer

The idea for this one was originally like a skinny margarita because I loathe sour mix but I ended up using vodka because it is my personal favorite liquor but it can be substituted with tequila.

Ingredients- 1 drink

·         1 shot of vodka

·         ½ cup fresh lime juice

·         2 slices fresh lime

·         Lime flavored club soda or Perrier

·         Ice

Directions: Throw your shot of vodka, lime juice & ice into a shaker. Shake until frosty. Pour into a glass with ice & add your Perrier & lime!image

Chocolate Almond Blast

Roomie & I are chocolate feigns. The other day we walked downstairs to the bar for just one chocolate martini because we ate desserts all weekend & wanted to attempt to be “healthy”. I guess we decided a MARTINI was the way to do that, not the gym. So, she says to me a day later “what if you made one with Chocolate Almond Milk”… introducing the Chocolate Almond Burst.

·         1 shot of vodka; can use regular or a flavor i.e. whipped, salted caramel, vanilla etc.

·         1 cup of chocolate almond milk

·         Hershey’s chocolate for drizzle

Directions: Drizzle your martini glass with Hershey’s chocolate, shake up your almond milk & vodka with ice & serve! YUM!image

Frozen Raspberry Lemonade- clearly I am on a lemonade kick for summer
Ingredients (makes 2)

·         1 shot of vodka (Of course my fave is Stoli)

·         1/2 cup frozen raspberries

·         2 cups of lite Lemonade

Throw it all in your Nutri-bullet or like electronic, blend & serve!


Hope you all enjoy 🙂 Let me know how much you love these!!!!

Happy weekend!!!

XO Cheers, Jenn

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