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Firstly, I want to take a moment today to remember those from the tragedy that took place in Orlando, Florida. This was such a cruel, heartless act of demonic nature and we really need to take a stand. What’s done is done; all we can do now is fix it moving forward. My prayers are with the families who have lost loved ones, and are grieving. We may not understand God’s reasoning’s for things, but He is always good and we need to keep the faith and keep God first during this dark time. That being said, I want to dedicate today’s blog to those from Pulse Nightclub, after all, you are never fully fashionable until a gay man tells you that you are.  *Work it up there*

Today’s edition of Style My Mind is on four outfits that I styled for myself, top to bottom. I have a lot of friends and family who come to me and ask “what would you wear to this?”, or “what would you wear with this?” I have even gone into my closet and designed a whole style to take a picture and send to my friend so she had a basis of what to look for.

How I begin to think of my style really depends on the occasion and the day! Most of the time it starts with, “Do I feel like wearing flats or heels?” and it goes from there.  Sometimes I will sit in my closet and look at my shoes and say “I haven’t worn these in a while….” And I will design a whole style around them.

·         For my first look, the roomie and I were planning a “Sunday Funday” in downtown St. Pete. It was really hot so I knew I wanted to wear shorts but, we were going to church first so I wanted to keep it simple and only have to change out the bottom part of the outfit in the car before making the haul down 75. I had bought this t-shirt dress the day before that was super comfy, in French and made from cotton, so a nice thin fabric. So my original thought was to wear that with regular flip flops and then change into my gladiators for the day. When I put the dress on, it hugged the curves in all the wrong areas and I was totally not feeling it. I didn’t want to return it because it was so adorable and chic so I cut it into a tank! So that was basically how this look started, with my self-made, chic French tank! I have a pair of black stretchy pants, ya know the ones, they look like jeans but they’re not? No, not jeggings! I threw those on with a belt and it was very flattering. SOLD! I thought OMG! How cute to wear pearls with it. I felt like a Vogue advertisement. I did wear regular flips and packed black shorts and gladiators for the afternoon. We never did end up making it to St. Pete due to the 100 degree basically tornado that blew through Tampa that day, but hey! I looked cute for the Lord and our lunch date to Grimaldi’s (& of course my Insta –selfie)!IMG_0874

Jewelry can really make an outfit. I really try to keep a lot of clothing simple and not waste money on the “trending” patterns because they go out so quickly. Try to keep some really good plain, classic things in your closet such as:

1.       White t-shirts: everyone knows my love for white t’s! Yes! You can dress them up.    Find one you love the fit & buy 3 in white and other colors… trust me.

2.       Black t-shirts

3.       White button down

4.       Loose plain tank tops to layer

5.       Skinny jeans

Dress these things up with accessories such as funky shoes, jewelry or bags for an ultra-classic look.

·         My next look is one I wore to work one day when I was feeling a little “fluffy”. I am so glad the t-shirt dresses have made a comeback (another good plan item to have)! I wasn’t feeling 100% and it has been nasty out with storms every day. I already committed to messy buns all week, there was no way my hair was getting done; made that mistake on Sunday before the “tornado.” What a waste of 30 minutes. Anyway, I browsed the closet and found my black t-shirt dress. I invested in about 3 of them. One is too short for work and the other I wore last week or something.  I did want to wear heels because I hadn’t yet this week and I can’t go a whole week without wearing heels, I’m not a hillbilly. So I took out my plain, oversized black t-dress and paired with my Jessica Simpson leopard booties. I love leopard but you need to be very careful with animal print, not to overdo it. This was perfect because the dress was plain so the shoes were the spotlight. I grabbed my extra flashy “fringe” necklace (so I call it), a pain of black and gold studs, my midi & V shaped gold Lauren Conrad rings and wrapped my “textured”, for a nice way of putting it, hair in a bun and there ya go! It’s a very simple yet classy look. The t-shirt dress was $10, the necklace was $7, and the rings were $5 each. The booties I got at the March Macy’s boot sale for $23! So in total the outfit cost me exactly $50 and it got a ton of oogling!  IMG_0922

·         I love my Sunday style because it’s casual, chic and I always try to wear something appropriate for what I am doing that day. I always go to church on Sunday’s so that is always the basis of my decision.  This last week I knew we were going to lunch after church and I planned on shopping so heels were out. I had wanted to wear my white jeans so I pulled them out since it wasn’t really supposed to rain that day (at least not ALL day). I wanted something super casual and comfortable because I knew I would be shopping for a good few hours. I went with a tank, very light, and breezy. It is hot as hell down here in case I did not preface that, like “feels like 100” every day. Being I was wearing tight jeans, I wanted something loose fitting up top. I went with this cute blue tank, and white flowery flip flops. I wore a bandeau bra with it because I loathe strapless bras but I also hate showing bra straps. The bandeau is pretty comfortable and stays up a lot better and also does not squeeze the under arm, under boob fat- you know exactly what I am talking about (I HATE IT). The tank top was navy blue with hints of hot pink and white. I wanted the pink in the tank to pop so I went with my hot pink statement earrings to pull out the color in the tank top. I love color popping. My next outfit I did the same thing.IMG_0975

·         My last style I want to spotlight is a work outfit. I found this adorable hot pink shirt (Dana Buchman) at Kohl’s on clearance for $12, plus 20% and my Kohl’s cash (insert hair flip). I love hot pink any and everything. It’s nice and flowy and since I really wanted to wear my corset this week to get rid of unwanted water weight, it was perfect for a million degree weather and to hide my corset. I did buy new black ankle pants but they needed to be shrunk a little because they were too big. Which is ironic, because I bought a 4 because my 6’s are too big but I ended up wearing the 6’s because even though they are bigger in the waist, they are tighter in the legs and when you wear something flowy on top you should really wear a tighter, slimming bottoms so you don’t look like you are wearing oversized PJs. You always want to show off your curves ladies, they’re pretty. So I have these really hot pair of Juicy Couture stilettos that would go perfect with this outfit but to wear for 9 hours at work I just cannot do. They kind of dig into my ankles. I can suck it up for an event but not for work. I wanted to color pop again so decided on my Chinese Laundry wedges. There is some peach in there but mostly greens and blues and teals so I went with that as my accessory colors to bring some fun to the style. I wore white and aqua gem encrusted earrings with a giant teal ring and 2 gold rings. No necklace because the earrings are the statement piece. Never be afraid to add color to your outfit. Matching is great, but it’s safe. Get a little cray once in a while, mix it up!FullSizeRender

Everyone have a great week! I will be back with Fashion Friday this week!

XO Jenn

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