The Perfect Beach Wave

Everyone have a good 4th? My weekend was a little crazy. I had some friends from Jersey down so things were a non-stop party. We had a great time though. I hope everyone else did too!  Make it to the beach? We did & it was just lovely.

So, I know I was going to do relaxing activities to do at home after last holiday weekend but I changed my mind. There are so many people who ask me about how I curl my hair & get the perfect beach wave. I honestly did not learn it very long ago. My cousin Nicole who works at Rita Hazan in NYC always has the best beach wave so I asked her & she told me how to do it. It took me a few times to get the hang of it but since everyone has been asking I decided to do a step by step how to get the perfect beach wave blog!

In the photos I am at my hairdresser’s salon, Beautiful by Design located in Spring Hill, FL. Her name is Jo & she’s a rock star. I love using her curling iron, it’s absolutely amazing. This is the second time I have used it & I am utterly obsessed. I already asked mom for it for Christmas since she gets it wholesale because of course the best things in the world do not come cheap. The curling iron is by GHD and it is super smooth & that really helps when trying to get your ideal beach curl.

Step 1: I used my Bed Head Small Talk first all over my wet hair & dried it completely. Section off the bottom layer of your hair and grab the front pieces- I do 4 sections on the bottom layer.

Step 2: slide the curling iron down the whole strand to straighten & remove any frizz. Then grab the hair in the center of strand not the top. Curl backwards towards the back of your head, away from your face.image

Step 3: slowly move the curling iron down the strand of hair for 2 “curls”. At the bottom pull straight. DO NOT CURL THE ENDS OF YOUR HAIR! The ends will look straight.

Step 4: Do that on each layer of your hair- pulling down on the ends. Rub your hands through it & spray!

EASY PEASY! Please feel free to comment with questions!

Also my new favorite hair product: Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe texturizing spray. OH EM GEE! It is so amazing. It’s like sea salt water & it too give a natural beach wave. My hair is actually super curly so mine is really full using it. I put it on & go to sleep so I am sure me moving around all night really pumps up the volume. But I love it; $8 on Amazon. I still also use the Redken Mousse & Fructis hairspray.


Have a great weekend!!


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