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I know everyone totally perfected their beach wave over the weekend right? My girlfriend Tracy did! She used my step-by-step blog & nailed it! image

This weekend I am hosting a little party, gathering if you will, so I decided to write about how I prepare for a party. Ever since I was about 23 I would throw parties all the time. My dad’s house was the definition of a party house i.e. finished basement with bar, pool, acre of land, screened indoor as well as outdoor patio, easy to clean floors & the ever expected mile long party driveway. I would give it a 9, because there’s always room for improvement {{pool boy, wine tap, butler}}.

I moved in with my dad after I undergrad at Rutgers when I turned 23. That is when I started to perfect my party-planning skills! Especially because summer of 2008 I decided I was not going to work. I have to say, as broke as I was; my BFFs & I had the best summer of our lives.

Anyway, so I kinda love themed parties.  I would normally host them for Christmas, New Year’s Eve, 4th of July etc. I also threw my best friends bridal shower, my cousins baby shower & assisted my aunt planning her wedding after-party there. We also used to have something called “Kenny Palooza” at the end of every summer. That was more of my dad’s thing but I definitely assisted. We always had a Kenny A-homemade dance floor, beer pong table, ladder golf & washers. Depending what kind of digs you have to throw your party, drinking//outdoor games are a must. Since I live in an apartment complex, unfortunately, no beer pong or ladder golf will be taking place this weekend {{cue the trumpets – is that what they play when someone cries?!}}.

So I’m going to dig in to a few more of my fabu-parties I threw in my 20s! I don’t have photos of all the parties sadly… but will post what I do have! Below are some cute ideas I did for a baby shower on the left- a little purse with a poem I made up & we put dollars in it for the princess’s wardrobe fund! On the right is a sippy cup I made for my friends bridal shower… she may or may not have been having a baby, but we made her a spritzer or two in her sippy cup!

  • Christmas Ornament Exchange: One year I wanted to have a Christmas party… well… let’s be honest, every year I want to throw a Christmas party & I do. But I wanted to mix it up so I did just a girls Christmas ornament exchange. Everyone brought an ornament & then we did a white elephant with ornaments so everyone left with a new one! My theme for this party was Winter Wonderland. I made snowflake white chocolate martinis and ice blue-raz martinis. I also had red berry sangria I made with oranges, cranberries and cinnamon sticks that was delicious. For décor I went to the dollar store and got Styrofoam cubes, plastic snowflakes, white & silver fake flowers. I covered each cube with the fake flowers and plastic snowflakes as my center pieces. For Christmas my dad & I used to decorate the basement with blue & silver glitter balls & garland across the ceiling so it all coincided, the colors and the theme! The dollar store is your best friend for DIY parties; especially if you are creative. I always made my own decorations for parties because I love creating styles myself rather than store bought; i.e. the white & snowflake cube centerpieces. If you can’t glue together two pieces of paper, then Zazzle & Oriental Trading will be your go-to.
  • DIY Bridal Shower: The other party I completely DIY’ed was my best friend’s bridal shower. Her wedding was black, white & red & her favorite pattern is zebra so that was the theme. I decided I was banning balloons at any parties I had. I despise balloons unless it’s a birthday, tacky as shit. So I went with candles & silk flower petals. I went to the dollar store & got heart shaped candy dishes as well as flat candle dishes along with chunky red & white candles & white stones. I filled the heart dishes with white stones and the chunky red candles & flooded my house with them. On the plates, some had white candles and some had red. NOTE TO SELF & READERS: the wax will melt off the plate!!! I had a candle up on the fireplace & it definitely ran down one of the guest’s hair & onto my dad’s white carpet. Yeah, that was fun. I spent the latter half of the shower ironing candle wax onto a bag and cutting out chunks of carpet. I ended up covering it with some pillow thing he had down there which lasted about 2 weeks before he saw it & told me no more parties. That didn’t last long.Anyway, so I did that along with silk red & white petals around the counters & the bar. Then for her favors I did Hershey bars wrapped in zebra paper with their names & wedding date. Nicole loves chocolate which made that party easy. So I think the invitations (Zazzle.com), favors, decorations, cake & food (from my old restaurant I worked at) cost us $130 per person- 5 people. It was definitely a great way to host a shower. Normally I would never have a house party for a bridal shower but my BFF is low key (unlike me) & plus my dad’s house as previously stated, was a kick ass party house!
  • Grown Up House Party: For my party this week my friend Ryan & I brainstormed at work what I could do as a last minute themed party. He came up with doing a Bellini bar which I thought was so cool & creative. So I came up with Italian themed party. My house is already Italian theme with wine, vines, grapes etc. so it’s perfect. I made my list & I have to say, it’s pretty perfect!
  • Bellini Bar
  • Mango
  • Strawberry
  • Peach
  • Red apple, cinnamon sangria- YUM!
  • My Italian Hoagie dip that I wrote about in the last blog is definitely making an appearance
  • Port wine along with cheese from the fancy part of the store, olives, meats
  • Meatballs with mini lasagna cups! You NEED this recipe! Super easy. Make with wonton wrappers, meat, gravy, mozz cheese! Bake in oven. So good & easy for a party.
  • Tortellini skewers with black olives, grape tomatoes, mozz balls & some seasoning!
  • Cannoli’s & cream puffs

I am of course doing a million candles because they are the best décor. And 110% going to the dollar store for plastic wine glasses, flutes & shot glasses. I can’t even handle a glass most days so I definitely do not trust anyone else with glass. However I will say this, I have YET to break one in the townhouse!

Below are two photos from my aunt’s wedding we did in the backyard at the party palace! The left picture is something I came up with. My aunt said “here! make something!” So I did! There was food or something on the table but I spent a few hours creating this piece, I love it. The other one was probably a few margaritas deep but you can see in the background we did everything luau theme & she even ordered in Palm trees. It was a gorgeous event!

These photos below are from the bridal shower me & the girls threw last year. My vision was shabby chic & this was one of my favorite events to style. The venue was a little Italian Restaurant & it was perfect. I made the centerpieces. We went with pale yellow & pink as the colors & used chalkboards as a theme as well. There were candles wrapped in burlap lace and little bird salt & pepper shakers for decoration. We did a candy bar for the dessert table & everyone took a scoop in their baggies to go! This was the BEST shower I ever threw! I am very proud of it & appreciate everyone who pitched it. It turned out perfectly!

Here are some things you should always have for a party:

  • Pretty throw away bathroom paper towels so everyone isn’t using your towels to wipe their grimy hands & face
  • Paper products i.e. toilet paper, paper towels, paper plates- unless it’s a fancy dinner party
  • Water bottles- mini ones are good for people to take with them & don’t get wasted
  • Also good to have a non-alcoholic option for drinks
  • Some vegetarian choices like the tortellini skewers
  • Wine/champagne charms in order for everyone to have assigned glasses (yes I was a teacher)
  • Plenty of ice!

    What to wear!? I honestly have not decided on what I want to wear just yet but I am leaning towards one of my full-length jumpers. I can wear heels with them but if my feet begin to hurt it’s easy to transition into sandals. For a house party I would never go too over the top. You know me, I would wear heels to bed if I could & people didn’t think I was insane. But heels can be dressed down too with shorts & a dressy top. I love jean shorts & heels look, it’s one of my favorites. A maxi dress is always good for an event like this too. It’s easy, you can walk around with Javier protruding from your mid-section & no one will ever know!

PS- I decided on a black & white tribal printed jumper & my bow flip flops 🙂

I hope you all have a great weekend & I will post some pictures next week of the Italian themed “stock the bar” party!!!


Cheers- Jenn


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