“…But all my stuff brings me joy!”

Hey Fashionistas & Followers! Happy Friday!

First, I want to tell you how awesome my Italian themed party was… SUPER AWESOME! The baby lasagna cups came out so good, everyone was obsessed. Likewise, my tortellini skewers along with the sangria were also among the fan-faves! It was kind of crazy because mid-day there was a little wrench thrown into the day when then WALL from under my TV started leaking!!! That took about 2 hours from my minute-by-minute planned day! Turns out my neighbors washer was overflowing. Thank God it was not a broken pipe! PIX BELOW ~ of the party… not the leakage!image

So I am one of those people who “cleans out my closet” about every 3-6 months. I am constantly buying, so I am also constantly donating.  Of course, like anyone else, my mindset is “when is the last time I wore this? Does this still fit or has baby Javier completely ruined that? Is this ugly now?” You would be surprised how many times I buy something, never wear it & then think WTF was I thinking? This is something a troll would wear. I am sure that is what most people think when they are purging.

A few Saturdays ago, I met my girlfriend Elizabeth for coffee in the morning at SBux, as we usually do to catch up on our week, the gossip, drama & all that good stuff. She mentioned a book she was reading & had to do a presentation for work. It was written by a woman named Marie Kondo. She started telling me about the book & Marie’s way of “DE cluttering your life”.

Now I want to set a disclaimer: I have NOT read the book yet. This blog is merely a page of words based on a conversation & situation that I had with my girlfriend which in turn challenged me to do something I did not think I needed to do.

So, she’s telling me about this book & how when Marie DE clutters her life she takes each piece whether it be clothing, books, papers etc and asks if it sparks joy. This is actually what the book is called “Spark Joy”; she told me in this book Marie tells of people who become more happy, less stressed & even skinnier from having their lives tidied up. At this point, I’m like “uh huh, ok yeah I get it but I DE clutter like every other month & frankly at this point everything I own in my closet sparks joy.” So I say “Um I love all my clothes.” And she said back, “you do show a lot of respect for things you own [i.e. I take photos in my clothes & shoes & I do show them a lot of love] but do you do that with every single piece? And even though it looks good, or you like it, does it bring you joy?” My response was, “uh YAH! And I am going to challenge you on this. You go home & do yours & I will do mine.” Now granted, she read the book so she knows the exact precise Marie Kondo way of tidying. I just took the Sparks Notes from what she told me to see if this was even something I could believe in or trust.

Now I was excited because I knew since I had just moved in April that my stuff was pretty “cleared out”. But I did know one thing, my closet was still PACKED & I most likely didn’t NEED all of it. The line between want & need is quite blurred in my mind but, I’m a girl! So she left & I immediately went upstairs & took every piece of clothing I owned off the rack & threw it on my bed. It looked like Mount Fiji of fabric. I didn’t feel overwhelmed though I was excited.


I began by holding each piece in my hand & asking, “Does this bring me joy? Do I love this?” Now if you know me, there are some things I have that I will tell I love it every time I wear it. I do have an emotional attachment to a lot of the articles in my closet which is why I was challenging my GF.  As I started, it was just as I suspected. After about ¼ of the pile I would say I had about 5 things that I discarded.  I sent her a SnapChat saying, “See! I love everything!” I kept going & really tried to focus on my love & joy for each piece. My donation pile started to grow. It actually started to become exhilarating getting rid of things I knew I didn’t need & this point probably really want either.

When I put things back into the closet I also reorganized everything. When I moved in, I put everything in a place I thought it would be best based on when I wear most of the clothing I have. After living there almost 3 months I realized there is a better way so I changed the organization of my closet & I love it so much better. After round one was completed, I had a full bag of clothing to donate. Each of these items, I thanked for being in my life & doing its part. This is another part of the book Elizabeth told me was important. There were some clothes that brought back memories & even though I did not need it anymore it brought me joy at one time & now it was time for it to spark someone else’s joy.

Round two, I seemed to go through pretty easily because I was on a roll. And round two was winter clothes (I live in Florida, why do I have 8 pairs of sweat pants?). I held on to my 7 pairs of Uggs for a good 2 years before I parted with them. I saved a few because I do go home still but really, just a space invader honestly. So anyway, I donated a whole trash bag of winter clothes, 7 pairs of shoes (DO YOU BELIEVE IT?! I swore they all brought me joy!) & about 5 bathing suits. I hoard bathing suits! I live in Florida, what do you want from me? The best part about this was, hours after I purged I couldn’t even remember the things in those bags except for one pair of purple Steve Madden pumps that I am definitely replacing. And I also bought two new bikinis but hey! I ended up donating 3 trash bags & a shopping bag to someone who needs joy in their life & I felt pretty damn good about it!!!

I am not going to post my pictures because like I said, this was a test for me, & Elizabeth is the one who rocked the Marie Kondo way with perfect shirt folding & DE cluttering. She killed it. I am in training haha! I do like what she said about getting rid of shoe boxes with words because it is distracting, this is very interesting to me. I have always kept most of my newer shoes in shoe boxes for a while but now they are just irkin’ my nerve when I look at them. The Kondo way, is to get clear boxes so the lovelies can be seen. If you respect your things, you should be able to see everything! There are some other things from the book I definitely need to learn & I will be reading it. But I challenge you to read “Spark Joy” & go through your closet (one step at a time) to see what you can donate with a different mindset rather than, “This isn’t cute anymore.”



*UPDATE*: I still have yet to read the book(s) & perfect the method but I will get there. I think I did a lot better than I normally would letting go of my beauties; little by little I will get there!

Also a note from Elizabeth HERSELF: “The ‘Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ is the why and the ‘Spark Joy’ is the how to…. The books go together, but she in fact, wrote 2 separate books on this subject.”

So there ya have it, go get BOTH books & challenge yourself to be more open about bringing joy & happiness to your life.

Have a great weekend everyone! Happy DE cluttering!

XO Cheers,

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