My StyleCon (Style Icon)

Even though we all sit here & say “I have my own style, I create my own look,” I still believe we have style icons we look up to & try to mock even. I know I do. I am a big fan of the “I have my own style” saying trust me but I also know I have taken some of my styles from others.

My number one style icon… DRUM ROLL…

Jessica Simpson… I am sure you’re all stunned right now! She is a fashion mogul so it’s not that big of a surprise. I do get a lot of my styling from her on Pinterest and her Instagram. I like to see what she is wearing & if I admire it, I try to duplicate the look.

One of my favorite things about Jessica’s style is that she is really good dressing up a pair of jeans. I have saved some of my favorite styles of hers & in looking at them, I realized more than half are a pair of jeans with a super cute blazer. I still think that is a really classy look. She even pulls it off well with jean shorts. I love jean shorts & a pair of pumps, I would wear that look all the time if I could.

I have 6 JS looks I want to talk about why I chose these particular ones & how you can adjust this look to fit your style or size!


  •        The girl in the green dress. Well first of all, Jess has done an amazing job on her body getting it back to where she really feels comfortable & she looks great. I personally always thought she was gorgeous no matter what size she was. But Oh My Calves! Have you seen those stems?? Even since my eyes locked with her newly shaped calves a few years ago it has definitely been something I have focused on more at the gym. Good job girl.Anyway, I chose this look because it is simple & classic. I don’t really like “trends”, they come & go way too easily so please don’t spend a lot of money on something that will be gone by next season. This dress fits her really well, is a great color & you know is not ever going to go away. I love this dress because it’s a thicker fabric & seems supportive. Let’s call a spade a spade here; J Simps is well endowed. Even if you have a little tummy or large chesticles, this dress seems like it doesn’t show too much off. It’s very flattering, hugs her in the right areas. I love that she kept it simple with just earrings, a bracelet & her ring. In tow is her large black bag & her high strappy shoes. If Jessica is known for anything in her style it’s her oversized totes & her higher than high heels! Hey! Higher the heel, closer to God- amen! image
  • Does this not want you to sail away like yesterday? If perfection was an image, this would be it. Firstly, I love neutral, naturals in the summer with tan skin. I am a huge advocate for tans, taupes, creams etc with gold accents. It’s pretty much my favorite look every right now. She did this perfectly… well… I think it’s a photo shoot but her stylist nailed it. Gold hoops, I don’t care, will never go out of style. They are a classic, especially for me, HELLO JERSEY GIRL! I love the gold accessories & then they hit you with a red (oversized of course) bag that makes everything pop. This truly is a classic look.

 The next 4 styles are what I mentioned earlier on, the jeans with the blazer look. I am so drawn to this look. It’s a bummer for me that I live in Florida because most of the time it’s too hot for a blazer but I have made it work. And like the first one, you can always do it with a pair of cut offs.image

  •   This is my number one favorite Jessica look. I know it is simple, not a lot of bells & whistles but something about it makes me swoon. I love white tee’s for starters so let’s just put that on the pile of reasons. This blazer reminds me of a curtain or an old couch, no joke, which would be hideous if that’s what it’s real purpose was. But, as a blazer I think it’s gorgeous. I love the teal beading around the neckline & how she pulled in her accessories to match. The shorts are plan, the shoes… ok… I am a total sucker for a nude pump. I have 4 pairs. I swear it’s my go-to. I am not a big fan of the bag here though I think she could have done that better but I am still looking for the perfect curtain blazer so I can clone this look.
  • image
  • The second look she is rocking in this umbrella of ja-zer looks. I just made that word up. It’s a combo of jeans & blazers, I like it. So the ja-zer look here is frayed stone washed jeans with a hot pink blazer & a printed tank. This picture was actually taken when she was first pregnant with Ace 🙂 for Weight Watchers. She’s got the nude shoe, which I actually have, in white & I love them. Her accessories are minimal because the shirt has a lot going on.  The hair looks great, her body is perfect. This is a great look because it was when she lost a ton of weight but obviously started gaining since she was pregnant again. But her legs look amazing. So maybe you are caught right now with those extra 10-15 lbs. This is a good look because the jeans are tighter but the top camos out the upper fluffiness. image
  • Who doesn’t love a vintage tee? I actually was listening to the radio the other day & they were saying how half the kids today wear vintage tee’s & do not even know anyone in the band. I actually do know NKOTB & went to the NKOTBSB concert twice in a summer in 2011, so I would have the green light to wear this gem. Jessica wears it well. The hair is fun, young & braids are just the best. I love dark jeans, they are super flattering.  And Ok, she is wearing clogs on her feet. I have this secret obsession with clogs. I think they are absolutely adorable & if I did not live in Florida I would own them in every color. Again she makes it a bit professional with the blazer. All in all, this ja-zer look has all the right stuff. (Like what I did there?!)image
  • Lastly I just liked this look because it’s loungy for her. The jean shorts you can tell are probably one of her favorite pair. She wears them a lot. You know the white tee is getting my approval & I love the patchwork denim. This is a fairly recent pic & denim is really in right now. I really love long necklaces too that are not a lot of drama; basically like her pendant, it’s great. There’s that bag again but this time, I think it’s better & more appropriate with this look. Nude shoes never fail; you cannot go wrong with them or those big giant sunglasses. Good look for being out & about on a Saturday.

I hope everyone enjoyed my WCW mid-week stylecon post. Which was your favorite?!

Have a great week!

Cheers, XO Jenn

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