Sunday Style in the Summer

As much fun as it is shopping for me (& it is) I also really have a passion for styling other people. There is something about having the ability & vision that not everyone else has that makes me feel powerful. Not only that, but when I style someone & they get so excited it makes me feel like I made a difference in their world. No, I am not curing cancer, I wish I could do that of course, but at least I am helping someone feel beautiful.

I have always loved to shop I think basically since I was born. My mom is a shopper so it’s always been our thing. I used to love shopping with my mom because if she loved something I would pick out, she always bought it for me! She also has this theory, if you see something but it may be a little much, leave the store & if you are still thinking about it three days later, then you have to have it in your life. This prevents any impulse shopping for things you probably don’t need or really want. Thanks mom!!

This past weekend my girl Elizabeth (yes from the Spark Joy blog) picked me up from the airport & we desperately needed manis and pedis. Our regular spot was packed so we went to the mall instead. My pampering was about 45 min shorter than Elizabeth’s so I went to shop. I knew I shouldn’t be doing that because I did not need anything… I was playing with fire. But, I released myself into the wild straight to Macy’s. It’s pretty much the only store in the mall I will actually shop at. To make a long 35 min short, I grabbed a pair of jeans & two full workout outfits. I went back & forth in my head… “do I need jeans?!… no Jenn you hate jeans & you have 10 pairs.” Ok self, what about these workout outfits? I do work out every day?! “And you have an entire drawer of workout clothes that hold sweat perfectly fine.”

Elizabeth called… saved by the bell. I dropped everything & walked out & haven’t thought about them since (thanks mom!) & EC (oh that’s Elizabeth’s other name). When she called me, she asked if we could go to Express because she needed some jeans & asked if I could help her. I said sure. I was not worried about Express because I do not shop there. It’s way too overpriced for what it is, not my thing. We walked in & lucky for her the jeans were 40% (around $50- not bad!).  She grabbed a few pair that she thought would fit her body type. She likes the boyfriend and skinny jean which I totally backed her on. Plus EC’s been working out, so the tighter to show off the new toned legs, the better! She got a dark pair & a lighter pair. I loathe light jeans, so they still had some dark in them, more like stone washed. So we needed to get her a shirt.

I found a rack of shirts BOGOHO (buy one get one half off J) haha! They are the nylon half-button down quarter sleeve shirts & I love them. I have a few. They are great to wear to work with work pants, with jeans & I have even worn them with jean shorts & stilettos.

  • OUTFIT ONE: The first one I chose for her was a grey patterned shirts with spouts of black or dark blue in it to go with the dark jeans. I love that the jeans will pull out the darker parts of the shirt to make it pop more. She loved it. When we got home, I helped her chose the shoes & jewelry. For shoes I chose her black Coach flats with a silver Coach emblem on them. The jeans fit her legs so perfectly; the taper at the bottom went great with flats. My legs are so short so that never happens for me… ever! For her jewelry we went with a multi-bead necklace with clear, pewter and silver beads, a matching bracelet and plain studded earrings. EC gets to wear jeans every day to work, but no reason not to up the outfit a bit. I would say this fit her style really well & she looked great & felt great.
  • OUTFIT TWO: The second one we decided on was a black & white polka dot shirt (same style). It was really cute & you can do a lot with black & white, I am a huge fan! We paired it with the stone washed jeans that button up (SO FLIPPIN’ CUTE!), a chunky gold chain necklace & patent leather nude flats. The shirt was a little off white so nude was perfect. The earrings we decided were plain line drop earrings covered in rhinestones to match the necklace & to tie it all together, a multi-colored rhinestone wrap bracelet (WHICH I AM IN DIRE NEED FOR ONE ASAP!!!!!)

Elizabeth was very excited about her styles & she felt great having two complete looks done & ready to go for Monday & Tuesday. I loved seeing her feel so at ease letting me help her. She trusted me & I worked with her to make sure she felt comfortable with the styles I helped select for her.

That is the number one priority when styling- always be sure the person you are working with feels comfortable but you can help them with the vision. A lot of times women walk into a store & think “That outfit looks so cute on the mannequin but I could never pull it off.” Let’s be honest, most mannequins are shaped like Barbie dolls so most real women may not look good in that exact style. But, with a little vision & compromise you can find something pretty damn close that suits your body type.

Cheers everyone!!! XO


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