Stylin’ your man: Do’s & Don’ts!

One of the requests I got was for a blog on men’s style: What women want!!!! Like every gal, every guy will have his own style. And, every woman will have their own idea of what a man should look like. For me, I like the Justin Timberlake look; tapered suits & pants, comb over, fedoras etc. I prefer men’s clothes to be tailored & more fitted than loose & sloppy (I think we can all agree on that!) Just like I love jeans with blazers on women, I love the same look on a man.


& this one’s just for fun!!



Fitted jeans– baggy jeans are so Clueless 1990s. No we don’t want to see the outlines & boarders of what is going on under there, but I also don’t want to see your ass because your jeans are dripping off you. There is a such thing as a perfect fit. See photos! image

Thin sweaters layered over collared shirts– I still love this look. I think it is classic. I personally sweat way too much to layer anything but hey! in the name of fashion I would if I had to. It looks good guys, classy & age appropriate.image

V neck white tees– please replace these when they get nasty. I told you time & time again about my love for white shirts… WHITE! Not yellow, not off white, not dirty, or dingy or holey! I honestly try to replace my white tees 1-2 months, you should too! I am from Jersey, so I do love V necks on guys!image

Fitted suit pants– ugh! Nothing annoys me more a poor fitted suit. To a woman this is like camel toe on Mama June.  If you are going to invest in anything fellas, please invest in a nice fitted suit. I saw this saying before & it’s true, “a well tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men,”… true!

Is this the same guy???? If you are reading this…. CALL ME!! 🙂


Black & brownDO NOT DO IT!!! PLEASE! If you wear a brown belt, wear brown shoes. Navy blue does not go with black; it goes with brown or gray!


Logo or Bling Tees– No Express polo’s with that annoying ass lion, no Jon Gosselin-Ed Hardy shit with bling all over it, leave the bling for the ladies & the babies!Express

Belts from 1994– 🙂 I know golf is a big thing right now, but keep that awful fashion on the golf course & do not unleash it into the public! It’s horrible.


Pants that show off your mammel toe– listen everyone’s size is different just like the ladies’, but good God, do not wear a pair of pants that makes your pelvic area look like an ass, you know exactly what I mean. We don’t want to see it. Wear pants that are fitted but fit you!!!


Shirts that have prints that look like pajamas– Lucky Brand is horrible & so is the fashion that tries to be like it. I hate paisley on a man. Unless you are 85 & getting ready for bed at 7pm, please do not ever grace my eyes with that shit!


Ankle socks with dress pants– ew!!! I actually know someone who does this. It saddens me. They’re black turning to gray because they’re so faded & I can see his ankle hairs!

THERE IS NO IMAGE THAT CAN PORTRAY THE HORROR OF THIS SITUATION. Just come to my office & see for yourself!


Comb Over: LOVE IT. That’s all. LOVE IT. (See Timberlake)

Spikes– yeah, it’s still cute. Makes you look young, kind of a classic look you can always get away with. It’s safe.

Buzz cut– same thing, it’s a safety net.

Long Hair– Ehhh I’m not really into it because I skeeve here but I guess it’s a thing now. Please wash it. I get that you have probably had a buzz cut since 1984 but if you’re gonna grow it out, please learn how to manscape it. Shampoo is a great start!


Man Bun– WHY? Nike’s slogan is “Just Do It”…My slogan for this hair flub is “Don’t Do It”.

Mullets- I mean…. Do I need to even say anything about this or does it speak for itself?

Baldys- I get it, I guess. It’s not for me. Only certain people can pull it off… like Vin Diesel. I get it if maybe that’s the only option for you, but be careful when choosing this look. Make sure this look will compliment your body type.

Rat Tail- I am really hoping the “tail” does not still exist. I have not seen it around THANK GOD, but obviously this is a horrible 80s hair don’t that died out with Tiffany after her one-hit-wonder “I Think We’re Alone Now.” If you have a tail, you are definitely alone.

Hopefully this blog gave you a little more insight to what a woman likes to see on a man. Like I said, every guy is different & every girl’s opinion on what she likes will be different too. This is one perspective, not the only one!

SO basically, go try & make yourself look like Justin Timberlake & we’re all good!

Happy weekend!!!! Cheers,
XO Jenn

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