Tips for your Trips

Like a lot of people today I get packing anxiety anytime I go on a trip. But, I have learned a lot of tips and tricks to alleviate some of that for your destination vacation. The most difficult trip to pack for was definitely my 10 day trip to Europe that we booked at Liberty Travel. They did a great job assisting us since we walked in completely clueless. We went in early March when the weather was chilly but nice for Europe. I am an over packer, no way around that so I decided I needed to do some research because I did not want to pay $100 for luggage.


When packing for a trip your go-to websites will be You Tube and Pinterest. On Pinterest I was able to find ideas on how to pack limited clothing to make multiple styles. And you really cannot be afraid to re-wear some things as well i.e. jeans, sweaters and long sleeve shirts. I wore more classic, plain styles and dressed them up with accessories because it’s easier to mix and match plain pieces then statement items and accessories take up a lot less room! For instance, I have 2 skirts that are pretty much the same just different patterns . I wore the same black shirt with both as well as the same black over-the-knee riding boots! I got 2 outfits with just changing out a skirt and scarf.

On You Tube I was able to find an amazing video about folding your clothes inside of your clothes. I could have smacked myself for never thinking of this. (How to Pack a Bag for Europe part 1 & 2)

  1. Place one shirt flat on the bed- the heaviest one first
  2. Place each one after that to the thinnest on top
  3. Fold in the arms of the shirts and then fold the shirt in half
  4. Roll all the shirts into what looks like a barrel of cloth and push against the side wall of your suitcase!

Do this with jeans, skirts, dresses etc!


You can literally get about 10 shirts in there like that. I was amazed. More great tips:

  1. Pack socks and personal items in your boots/ shoes
  2. Try every outfit on before packing it {{I started doing this to avoid over packing}}
  3. Roll everything!
  4. Bring your go-to accessories that can change a look
  5. Pack more travel sized items than standard because as you go through them you can throw them away and make more space

Make sure you keep up on the weather for your destination. We all know you cannot prepare for everything but we can try! I brought mostly boots to Europe and a pair of sneakers with one pair of heels. Now, I am a stiletto girl so it killed me to only bring one pair but let’s be honest, walking around in Paris all day in a pair of pumps seems like something from a fairy tale but not realistic! Comfort is the key. But you can be cute while comfy!

Bon Voyage!

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