Falling Into Football

Football season is approaching; it is my favorite time of year! It is a little ridiculous living in Florida during the “fall” season, watching football from a pool! I definitely miss the northern fall weather:  the leaves turning, the crisp breeze and hot toddy’s! I do still follow some of my football Sunday traditions even if it is 87 degrees out.image

What to Eat:

I always cook a pot of chili! I know it sounds super-hot right now for chili and it is, but it’s a tradition. Not every week but, definitely the first week of the season. It is my tradition.

  • How to make it healthy:
  • Use ground turkey- extra lean I use Jennie-O
  • Use quinoa instead of rice; or you can also use tofu noodles as well- cuts cals & saves room for your beer!
  • Use low fat cheese or even non-dairy
  • Use Greek yogurt instead of sour cream

What to Drink:

I’m not usually a beer drinker but I do love the Fall Sam Adams variety pack. My dad introduced me to syrup and brown sugar rimmed pumpkin spice beer. It’s delicious! www.samueladams.com


Try my homemade cinnamon apple red sangria!!

NOTE: I usually make this to taste so measurements vary!

  • How to make it healthy:
  • 1 large bottle of red wine, preferably Cabernet
  • 1 liter bottle of flavored club i.e. peach, fruit punch, strawberry
  • V8 Lite Mango- measure to taste
  • Peach Schnapps to taste
  • Cinnamon to taste
  • 2 apples, 2 oranges, 1 lemon & 1 limeimage


There is nothing that I love more than a cozy home.  What makes it cozier than candles and chili?! …Homemade potpourri. My secret Sunday football tip (especially if you are having people over) is to take a large pot with some water. Peel about 5 oranges using the skin along with a few handfuls of fresh cranberries, throw in some cinnamon sticks and just let it simmer on low all day. It smells sensational. www.pinterest.com


What to wear:

I wear football gear every Sunday. I actually need some new attire- Amazon has the best deals on gear. The best TIME to get gear is towards the end of the season Decemeber-ish, at Lids. When I head back from New Jersey from Christmas vacation I always hit up the Lids store in the Philadelphia Airport- everything is 50% off. www.amazon.com www.lids.com

  • Lazy Sunday-In Attire:

Since it is Florida my go-to is comfy lounge shorts with a tee.  Sometimes I wear logo tees or sometimes just a good old-fashion white v neck! One of my favorites to wear is my man’s undershirt from Tommy John – welcome to cozy town! I do have two adorable off the shoulder 80s style tee’s I bought from Victoria’s Secret that I wear often. I will say, VS can be a little pricy but it is worth it. The quality speaks for itself. I stay away from Jersey’s because the Eagles (My team!) have had high turnover the last few years and jerseys are not cheap. Plus, girls can rock much more chic football looks than an oversize jersey. www.victoriassecret.com


  • Sunday Funday Out and About

Ok- I totally have a go-to going out football outfit I wear for the first Sunday I go out each year. It’s a pair of black shorts www.express.com , an Eagles tee, my black gladiator sandals www.stevemadden.com and this cheap pair of black and chunky rhinestone hoops I found years ago at a random store. It is very “Jersey” but it’s my signature football style and it’s super fun and flirty.

One year I also took an oversized men’s tee-shirt & cut the crap out of it to make an adorable LeSean McCory “Jersey” tee. I cut slits up & down the sides tying them together, cut off the shoulders, cut the sleeves & tied them & of course, the signature Jersey-girl move, glued 300 rhinestones on it; give or take! Me & my friend wore those shirts every Sunday until he was traded. The best part about those, they were two of a kind & we were the only football gals with them. I love DIY!

  • Day at the Field

If you are going to the game be cautious of the weather depending on your location and the time of year. I usually would wear the same thing I would wear to the bar on a Sunday (see above) if it’s warm. In Philly in the winter, I would go with more of a long sleeve Eagles shirt and my black puffer vest. I definitely still wear my Gap puffer vest circa early 2000s www.gap.com . Of course if it is December in Philly I probably would go with long sleeve tee, hoodie and then my vest. And of course, when needed, throw on gloves and ear muffs, the puffier the better.


For your man!

Ladies! If you are hanging with your man on Sunday Funday make sure they are comfortable too!  I love seeing my man in loungewear pants & a white tee (of course, you know I love white tees)! One of my favorite leisure lines for men is Tommy John. The quality is amazing and the fabric is so comfy when we are snuggling up together to cheer on our team! www.tommyjohn.com . Below are my faves! NOTE: get 20% off your first purchase online!


Are you ready for some football?!  I know I am!
GO EAGLES!!! www.philadelphiaeagles.com




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