Fall Fashion 2016

Hola Fashionistas! I know I have been MIA for the last few weeks, so sorry! I was totally having a mini-meltdown-moment but I am back now & better than ever. On my mood-cation I was able to catch up on all my past-due fashion subscriptions & caught a fashion show for Tampa Bay Fashion week. I don’t know about you, but fashion is always the cure for a broker heart, wouldn’t you agree?!

Here are some of the hot looks coming this fall!


I love it. I love the prints and the colors and the flow. Let’s be honest, come fall and winter we tend to lose site of the hard earned beach bod we went after the first half of the year so the fact that the Bohemian look is chic, flowy & still hugs all the right areas makes this pick my top selection for Fall 16!

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This is a fan favorite of mine circa 1985 {the birth year of yours truly}. I’ve always had a closet crush on 80s styles & the one-shoulder look. I love when a dress or shirt is A-symmetrical. After all, OpPoSiTeS AtTrAcT! (Paula Abdul 1988)

The one-arm top goes hand-in-hand with this as well!

Pink & Yellow, Pink & Yellow

I was not sure about this when I first saw it but it has grown on me; dusty pink with yellow for fall 2016. Dusty pink is literally smothering the racks right now. It seems like a spring color, but if you do it right you can rock this look. I love it in floral; it’s almost a little 70s to me. Everything always comes in full swing.


 CHER! Earth to Cher, come in Cher! MINI SKIRT PLAID SUITS

Stop!  I have been secretly praying for this 90s look to make a comeback. I am giddy. We have the plaid suits, the chunky block heels are back too (below); now all we need is to bring back the knee highs!! Come on fashion Gods!image


Style Con

I had to add this because of course as we know she is my girl crush & my full-on fashion icon! Jess looks awesome. She took this earlier in the week at the airport with a flight attendant rocking JS pumps (she’s so cool)! I want to say this is Bohemian meets 1974 & I am in love. Floral embroidered jeans?! Where?! When?! Please let me get one in every print as soon as possible. And that shirt- my heart’s on fire. The outfit, hair, bag, all of it; it’s the picture of perfection. Well done Jess!


Good news! I will be blogging a few times a week now so be sure to look for new upcoming posts:

-Fall Wardrobe on a Budget
– Fall Accessories
-How to tame your curly locks

XO Cheers, Jenn

Photo cred: Elle.com, glamour.com, Asos.com, Jessica Simpson Instagram, Tampa bay fashion week


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