Fall Fashion on a Budget

Loving fashion as much as I do and as much as I replace my wardrobe, I do not like to spend a lot on my clothes. There are certain things I will break the bank for; purses & shoes mainly. My weight and attraction to new styles change so frequently it’s not worth it for me to invest in clothes the way I do with the other pieces. However, I will say there a few items you SHOULD invest in for your closet, as in, drop a few bucks:

  1. A good pair of jeans in a few sizes {if your weight fluctuates as much as mine}
  2. A perfect fitting white tee {I buy multiples}
  3. A black cocktail dress {Everyone needs the perfect little black dress}

Otherwise, everything else is budget! My top budget stores include:

  1. Kohl’s {yes you can find some great fashion there on the clearance rack if you search as well as coupons & Kohl’s cash back}
  2. Ross/Marshalls/TJ Maxx
  3. Macy’s {they have great sales & coupons}

This dress I bought in Ross mid-summer. Now, let me elaborate on this. When I say Ross people are probably like “Omg ew!” because living in New Jersey you wouldn’t dare step foot in a Ross; it was always Marshall’s or TJ Maxx. In Florida, Ross is actually really great and they carry some great designers. So, I bought this dress for a trip to New York. I love it. It’s bohemian, light weight and the fit is perfect. It hugs the waist and curves right where they need to be hugged but it’s flowy as well. The bottom has two slits on the sides so you can wear those gladiators or other fancy flips you snagged at Ross that day.


I also really like it because it can go from summer to fall pretty easily. Granted, I do live in Florida so “fall” is still not chilly until about the end of November. But to fall it up you can add a jean vest like I did or a jean jacket. Most of the time September and even into October you can still wear a sandal too. Great way to transition a summer dress into a trending fall style!


Throw on a pair of costume earrings, bracelet and my favorite Baby Lips lip gloss and you’re ready to go. I wore this outfit to work, but it’s also great for a day on the town for Octoberfest or shopping.

Some faves below from Forever 21- another good budget store for your plain, everyday wears! Use my links for best price and cash back!

Floral Jumper

Plaid Flannel Shirt

Distressed Jeans

XO Cheers!

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