Suit Life: the perfect fit

Since everyone really enjoyed my previous blog I wrote on men’s fashion I decided to do a 2nd piece on the mens-must-have-fitted suit. I am absolutely, positively 110% attracted to a man in a suit especially when it fits perfectly in all the right areas.

My friend Dan is some big important person in the JP Morgan world {Yeah, he’s a smarty pants!}. After work one day he showed up to my house, well actually, the bar below my house wearing a new suit he had just gotten. He was saying he was not sure about it because it was so fitted. I shared with him that is the way it’s supposed to look. An ill-fitted suit looks messy.


A suit should never:

  1. Be too baggy at the ankle. I actually prefer the ankle length to be right at the ankle and tapered- Dan’s are a little longer and baggier than I like but he still looks good.
  2. The arms should never over hang past the wrists. Dan’s arm length is good, I like that his button up shows a little underneath.
  3. You should never be able to fit another person in the jacket- FORM FITTED PEOPLE!

I really like a thin tie. It’s edgy and sharp. Don’t be afraid to take a chance with mixing patterns and colors, it shows confidence and ambition. Dan kind of resembles a limo driver, or a Men in Black actor but he did great for his first run with a more fitted suit. He looks clean-cut, professional and sleek, just how we women like it!

James’ pant-fit is perfection, I tell him that all the time. He is not afraid to push the envelope with colors or patterns which is the whole point of fashion: expressing who you are through the art of style {Jenn’s personal definition}. The grey and purple really complement each other; it’s two colors that work really well together and he definitely pulls it off.


A suit should always:

  1. Be fitted! I cannot express this enough! It should not look like you are wearing a trash bag!
  2. Complement your body type aka pinstripes, colors and cut work best on certain body types just like women’s fashion
  3. Be IRONED/ DRY CLEANED! I know this seems like a “duh” moment but you would be surprised. Don’t wear wrinkled clothes period, you look like a hot mess!

Cheers! XO

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