How to: rock your booties, scarves & hats

For a few years now I think some people have questioned what the correct way to rock your booties {the shoe kind that is}! The answer to that, there are many ways! I am going to give you the green light on three of them:

  1. With a dress. This is one of my favorite fall/winter styles. You can wear them bare legged or with tights. I love patterned tights, but sometimes it’s too much so they are better to wear with a knee-boot because the patterns can be overwhelming.
  1. With a skinny cuffed jean. You can do a small cuff or a big cuff; either way, it works!
  1. With leggings and lacey socks. I love fancy socks and they look so cute pouring over the top of your booties with leggings and an over-sized sweater!

Scarves… do you know how many ways there are to wear a scarf?!?!? Like a ton! There are a million videos and images out there to give you a play by play. Here’s my top three:

  1. I call this one, the Pretzel. It’s good for when it’s really cold out because it bundles your neck and still looks tres chic!
  1. The Schwoop {Jenn word}; this is the one most people go with. A loop with the two ends hanging on each side. It’s classic and easy.
  1. The Loop. Love this one with button-down jean shirts {or any button-down really}. Fold in half, wrap around your neck and pull the ends through the loop! Adjust as needed!



Hats are back!!

OMG! I just love a good hat. Please don’t be afraid to rock a hat people. My friend was always so nervous to wear a hat because she thinks she has a big head {operative word being thinks} but she found one that works for her and she totally adores it now. Try them on, step out of the box and see which ones work best for you! Not everyone is going to look good in every type of hat but again, fashion is about taking risks! Top three favorites include:

  1. Fedora– thank you Justin Timberlake! I have 3, 2 beach ones and a fall one I got from Calvin Klein in Palm Springs circa 2012 and yes it’s still way cool.
  1. Floppy brim- I think I got this one at Marshalls and I literally am obsessed with it. I try to wear it at least once or twice a year. I actually had a lovely Italian gentleman chase after me in the street in Paris so he could sketch me due to this hat! It probably helped that I paid him for it, but it was cute!
  1. Paperboy hat– this does not work for everyone. Sometimes I don’t even think it works for me, but it’s good for shopping days when your hair’s a little greasy or those gloomy rainy days. I have worn it with a plain shirt and ponytail, I think it looked cute!

Xo Happy Weekend!!

Cheers- Jenn

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