DIY: Halloween on a budget

Is it me or was Halloween way more fun as a kid? I guess some adults still enjoy dressing up as someone else, begging for candy or booze I suppose. It’s like giving women the A-ok to dress up like a 23 year-old sorority sister who “still has it.” I mean, to-each-their-own, it’s not my thing I am more of a Christmas girl myself. However, when a good cause calls for a Halloween-themed ball, I am there! Technically, it was a “Fairy Tale” themed ball. I love fairy tales because they are so beyond far fetched. Yes, they do give girls growing into women the idea that people like so-called “Prince Charming” does exist, but, hey who knows, maybe he does in a land, far, far away!?

My beautiful sister and I!


The night was magical. The ball was at the Don Cesar in St. Petersburg, Florida. My “costume” planning started weeks before. I decided to go as Rapunzel so I need:

  1. Purple Dress
  2. Hair Extensions
  3. Flowers for my hair
  4. Silver shoes, bag, jewelry
  5. Prince

I found:

  • Purple Dress – borrowed an infinity gown from a friend & women listen up: BEST BRIDESMAID DRESS!!! You really can wear it again!! Don’t ever ask people you call your friends to wear those hideous overpriced, cheaply made dresses from David’s bridal again.
  • Hair Extensions – Thanks to my fabulous hair dresser & Jessica Simpson
  • Flowers for my hair – Thanks to my home décor I found these puppies right at home
  • Silver shoes- Thanks to the 8 weddings I have been in
  • Bag: thanks to the party days in my mid-20s
  • Jewelry- thanks to my gal-pal Josie {BORROWED}

X Prince – EH! In due time…..

COST: Z E R O Dollars

Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel

Ladies it’s that easy to make a DIY Halloween costume & it did not look cheesy, cheap or trashy! My girlfriend’s aka cousin & sister, were a version of Sleeping Beauty & Cinderella- also all on a budget! Shop around your house to come up with creative looks; no one else will have it, you didn’t waste money for one night & it’s not made out of horrifying itchy, stiff fabric!

A quick overview on the night: the ball room was pink & purple, so glamourous. The dessert table was my favorite! It was an open-bar with basically any drink you wanted & we were greeted with an “Evil Apple Cider” {I think that’s what it was called} it was Fireball & apple cider I believe- yummy! The dancing was great, the costumes were detailed & everyone had a great time. The best part was that the ball was to support RNCC Angel Foundation, a local cancer organization. They raised over $70,000 that night. What a beautiful thing!


XO Cheers,

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