Thanksgiving in Disney World

We are headed to Disney for four wonderful, magical days over Thanksgiving! I am very delighted & merry with our travel plans, especially because the parks are covered in Christmas decorations, blaring We Wish You a Merry Christmas with everyone wearing costumes and holiday attire. It’s like a real-life heaven for me. What did I do when I found out we were going?! Of course went out and bought 5 different Disney Christmas shirts! Ok, maybe like 4 and a pair of ears! Here is what you need to pack if you are planning a Disney trip for the holidays.

In November/December in Florida during the day it’s usually mid to high 70s. Our week is actually high 70s low 80s but at night will drop to the 50s. I bought a good variety of tees, long and short sleeved.

Day 1- Thanksgiving Day in the Animal Kingdom
Weather High of 79 low of 61, Partly Cloudy

I bought a comfy cold-shoulder, cranberry colored dress to don with black leggings and flats. Obviously, dressing up in Disney is difficult because you are not going to wear heels. They are calling for a high of 79 on Thursday, so the 3-quarter-cold-shoulder dress is perfect for that weather. I also got an adorable black floppy hat that I am paring with my leopard flats to dress it up a bit. Make sure the shoes you do have are comfy and always carry a sweater or a hoodie on you for when the sun goes down. You never know if you are going to make it back to the hotel before the night-time spectaculars! 

Day 2- Hollywood Studios
Weather High of 81, low of 59

For Hollywood Studios I plan on wearing my Stitch “Yes Weekend” shirt from Walmart! I mixed up my tees a bit; a little Christmas here, a little Disney there. It will be reaching 81 however, in the morning it will be chilly. So I am of course bringing my trusty, soft-as baby’s bottom sweater! I am actually bringing two sweater-type items with me. Since I bought a bunch of super cool tees I want everyone to see, I am bringing an opened-front hooded sweatshirt along with my new fleece-feeling, soft as duckling, cow-neck sweater I scored at Bealls Outlet {my new favorite store Bee Tee Dubs}.  I will most likely change for the nighttime activities into my three-quarter sleeve“OMG Santa” Elf tee and sneaks!  My Sketcher sneaks I got for golf but they are now my Disney sneaks. They are so durable and comfortable. Make sure your shoes are ones you can wear all day and night. And I always bring my go-to Sanuk yoga mat flip flops in my backpack too just in case my feet do hurt.


Day 3- Epcot
Weather High 80 low 55

Drinking around the world calls for a boozy shirt! Josie and I got matching tees for our Epcot day with Mickey and Friend’s Christmas ears. We grabbed these non-Disney drinky tees at Walmart, “Eat, Drink & be Merry!” what is more appropriate for Epcot?! I will be paring my tee with jeans and sneaks or flips, not sure yet! Maybe both! For nighttime I just throw on my hoodie. I also packed 2 night shirts just in case we did go to a nicer plan for dinner and a pair of dressier Vera Wang flats. Better over packed than sorry! That’s my theory!




Day 4 – last day 😦 Magic Kingdom

Weather High 77 low 56

I know 77 seems pretty warm but for Floridians it’s not. I am wearing my long sleeve Mickey and Minnie kissy shirt with jeans and flips! I can always roll up the sleeves but it’s the most child-friendly Christmas shirt I bought for the trip so it’s prefect for MK. I picked this one up at Walmart as well, $9. The other tees were only $5 so Walmart is definitely the store to go & pick up your Disney gear for bargaining rates!


Here are a few more things to remember:

  1. Water bottle (you can bring them in sealed)
  2. Comfy shoes & possibly a back-up pair
  3. Bring a backpack, it’s the easiest but keep valuables out of reach
  4. Sunscreen
  5. A hat & sunnies
  6. Don’t forget that hoodie!
  7. DO NOT WEAR WHITE! Water rides, white tees & families do not mix well!


I hope everyone has a MAGICAL Thanksgiving and if you are headed to Disney during the holidays drench yourself in Christmas gear; you will fit right in!



Jeans & Jean jacket- American Eagle
Backpack- Vera Bradley
Tees- Walmart
Mistle Toe Headband-Francesca’s Closet
Flip Flops- Sanuk
Dress/Hat/Cow Neck Sweater- Bealls Outlet

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