DIY Christmas Gifts on a Budget

Are you on a budget this holiday season? Aren’t we all? Or at least say we are. I took a finger stroll through Pinterest the other day {I do this basically everyday} and found 5 really awesome DIY gifts that do not require a lot of funding or time.


Use a mason jar or a jar like the picture. You can get a box of 10 mason jars for like $12. Fill the mason jar with cotton balls {$1 for a bag if that}; I prefer the jumbo ones because they clean off the polish much better than the baby ones. Buy a min nail polish remover {less than $1}, toe separators- you can probably get this along with clippers and a file in a gift set for under $5 {Kohl’s}, grab a cute tiny lotion and some mini polishes. I got my mini Essie polishes in a set of 4 at Bealls Outlet for $7.99 I think. Close it up, attach a bow and a cute little accessory or ornament on the front! There you go; an adorable DIY gift for under $15.


This one may require a little bit of creativity but if you have the hand for it, this is amazing! Buy a wine glass from the dollar store and some acrylic paint from Michael’s Craft Store {they always have coupons} and paint a cute little scene on it like this “Bottoms Up” Santa pictured above. Another easy scenery to paint is a beach or a starry night. Attach a bow and you’re done! Less than $10!


This one takes a little more effort but I loved it so I wanted to include it. Go to the hardware store {Home Depot} and buy a piece of wood  like the picture{I would just show the guys up front to tell me what I need. Home Depot gives me anxiety}. Buy some chalkboard paint at Michael’s Craft Store and some blue tape, outline it and spray the chalkboard paint. Let it dry. Attach some handles on the side and you have an adorable serving tray! Throw in some cheese and a bottle of wine for a more elaborate gift.


I always love this and want to make them because I live away from a lot of my friends. I imagine you can find a state stencil to be able to outline the states. All you need is a white mug and a few Sharpies. Under $10.


This is my favorite. Why didn’t I think of something this simple? Buy a white mug and silver or gold paint pen. Outline a heart in the handle of the mug and make dots around the heart decreasing as you pull away from the heart. How easy is this?! Under $10.

I hope you like my DIY picks and it makes your last minute gift giving a little easier!

Happy Holidays!

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