!!!New Designer Alert!!!

As much as I love fashion and it’s easy for me to put styles and looks together, I have never been one with an eye for design and I have always been envious of the people who do. I never took an interest in drawing or sewing and now looking back I wish I had. But hey! We all have our own “thing”, mine is writing and styling. But my dear friend, Sarina Molinari’s happens to be designing and she is a brilliant one at that. Sarina is one of those people who got blessed with both sides of the brain, creative and analytical. Her full time job is a Physician’s Assistant, her part-time just-because-she-loves-it job: designing fabulous clothes.


“My mom worked as a seamstress and both of my grandmothers sewed so since I was young I was helping my mom in sewing room and I learned a lot,” Sarina said when I asked her how she started designing. My mom always sewed too. She tried to force me into it and I did take a sewing class in high school but I would have rather been shopping while other people were making the clothes.

SM: “I started reconstructing clothes and experimenting. I made my own homecoming and prom dresses too.

Boy that must have saved her like a ton of money. She went on to say if she saw something she liked she would just mimic it and make it herself.  {Enter jealous but so happy for her eye roll}.


I always get nervous when writing about style because everyone’s is different and I always try to remind myself of that but it is difficult because I want to write about my own style of course. I am really trying to broaden that and keep an open mind in my writing. I asked Sarina about her personal style and if she uses it in her own designs. She told me she calls her style, “Classy with a twist,” and that she loves to dress up so she makes a lot of classic dressy pieces. She does have a variety of pieces too. She made an awesome swimsuit for my sister last year so I asked her to design two for my upcoming cruise, I am very excited. Of course she will take into consideration my personal style and personality when designing something for me.

SM: “Clothes are a way to express myself and show a different side of my personality. If I wanted to be classy elegant, fun and flirty, sexy or professional; I make my clothes depending on how I feel and who I want to be at that time,” Sarina shared. I guess creativity comes in many different forms. For me, writing and styling is my creative outlet. I can go to a store for hours at a time, hunt the sale racks and walk out with 10 different outfits totally styled feeling peaceful and calm. It’s my “thing!”

I often think about if I closed my eyes and opened them to find myself in my own fairytale what would it be?! The outcome is always the same. I want to own my own boutique. I have so many ideas to make it different and unique but ya know that whole money thing comes into play. But the dream lives on. When I asked Sarina, she ironically said the same thing.

 “…To have my own boutique with my own unique one-of-a-kind pieces along with doing custom work for people. I love taking inspiration and being able to bring someone’s vision to life.”  OK, Sarina, let’s go after it together girl! Sarina said one thing she has not made and has been dying to is a warm winter coat, “one with the perfect fit and patterns.” I believe this is for herself but hey if any of you out there are looking for a custom coat, make a girls dream come true!!


Quality or quantity is a question heard quite often. Have one really good one or many cheap ones?! It all depends on the consumer. But let’s be honest the quality usually wins. There are always the pieces you spend $5, $10, $15 on like tee shirts or tanks of course because you go through them often. {KEEP THOSE WHITE TEES CLEAN!!} But at the end of the day when you spend more money on something you are investing in that, regardless what it is. I am a big fan of comfort and fit first over price. If it makes me look like a whale I am not buying it. If it makes me look like Gisele I will take 5 in every color and not care that it’s $100. I asked Sarina what she thought the most important think for consumers to look for when shopping for clothes is and she shared that you can always tell by the seams and the type of material it’s made from. “You can find a lot of inexpensive clothing in the stores and online but the quality is poor. A well-constructed garment could be {And should be} a staple in your wardrobe for years, even when trends starting coming back years later!” Great information from an inside eye, thanks Sarina!!


Be sure to look for some designs from Sarina in the near future. We have a new project we are launching shortly.

XO-Have a fabulous weekend fashionistas!

**Note: Sarina designed all of the pieces on this page! She is taking orders, so if anyone is interested please email me stylemymindjenn@gmail.com


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