Spring Runway Fashion 2017 pt 2

Happy Friday! Here is part 2 of Spring Runway Fashion.

Banker Stripes


I have a burning love for blue and white stripes. Normally I go after something  alittle more sailoresque but I am digging the banker stripes. They are classy and professional and easy to dress up or down, very versatile.

Single Shoulder Cutout


Ok this seems like only a natural progression I suspect. In fall, it was all about the cold shoulder, which i really started to like. It makes a plain dress look a little more fun and flirty. I don’t really think I am into the one shoulder cutout but I’ll give it a shot, I would give a one shoulder a shot.

Flashdance Shoulder


Yes! Yes! Yes! I love off the shoulder; both, one, I don’t really care I think it’s a fabulous look. Maybe it’s my 80s baby coming out but bring on the flashdancing!

Sleeve Slits

I don’t really get it? It just looks like you cut slits into your sleeves. Like your clothes are too small or you’re too poor to buy new garments. It reminds me of a high/low for the wrist. I hate high/low for the waist so this definitely a no from me.

**All photos taken from Elle.com

XO Cheers! Jenn

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