Runway Fashion 2017 pt 3

Happy Style Sunday! Here is part 3 of 2017 Runway Fashion!

White Shirt Dressesimg_4098

I love everything about those three words. White… um… yes! Shirt… yes!!!! Dresses… uh huh!!! I love anything and everything white so I am beaming at this look that is coming up for 2017. Can I pull it off 7 days a week?! That may be fun… like let’s see how many days I can wear white in different ways without getting dirty! Challenge accepted!!

Foldover Waists


There is just too much fabric. Unless you have the perfect waistline for it, it just doesn’t work. I am way too short I think for this look. I am not opposed to this but just not on me. The people who look good in this are at least 5’5” and I am not even circling the edge of that rim.

Boyscout Sash


I’m sorry, what?! I like the sash scarf idea, I can definitely get into that.This is look I would need to experiment with a little bit I think. The first impression isn’t whipping me into a verbal excitement but stay tuned because I may be able to come up with something in 2017!

Cheers!! Xo Jenn

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