New Designer: Modage Vintage by Rebecca Fishel


I had the special privilege of meeting a fantastic vibrant, classic designer in Tampa, Florida: Rebecca Fishel. Rebecca is the owner and creator of Modage Vintage clothing. As Rebecca and I shared a table sipping crisp white wine in the cutest beach haven cafe ever, I immediately began asking her how she began her clothing line. She told me ever since she was very young she loved vintage clothing and preferred to shop thriftily. I told her I am envious because vintage is just not something I have an eye for, neither is “thrifting”! But she was very intriguing.

Rebecca started by thrifting pieces she loved and then molding them into something that meets a little of the modern eye , hence the name, Modage! {brilliant} No sooner does she realize she has a whole room filled with clothes that she has designed. She can take a vintage dress that is maybe a little ill-fitted for today’s 20th century lady and turn it into a two piece skirt and top that is a complete head-turner! She also found some pieces already modernized, so with those, she does not touch! It’s like having original hardwood floors in a home, why mess with something original and beautiful that still works?!

I have an all new respect for the modern vintage movement and I can’t wait to see what Rebecca has in store for her show this year. April 23, Above the Salt Cafe, Tampa Florida! Do Not Miss It. if you love Sunday’s, fashion and bubbly you need to be there!!

More details to come. Until then, check out some of this innovative work that is Modage!

This dress below, is the epitome of perfection!! I literally fell in love the moment I saw it.


Fun, flirty & girly!


Business to happy hour in a flash!


Dainty & classy!


Girls Night Out!!


L O V E. Yes! Bring back the knee socks asap!


Can we say first lady!?


Lovely in lace!


Spring Fling, Summer Fun!


Xo Cheers,


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