Trend Study: Embroidery

There’s that word again-TREND- UGH! It’s hard to not use it but I really don’t like it!

Anyway- have you been seeing a lot of embroidered denim out there? It’s back in full effect. At first I was not totally tickled by the style but it really has start to catch my eye. I have yet to purchase but definitely in the market and I think I found the perfect piece for trial!

I think the key here is not right and wrong, because style is not about right and wrong, it’s more like do’s and don’ts.

Do: wear statement denim with embroidery and decals
Don’t: over do it!

Do: wear florals
Don’t: wear animals on your knees


Just remember, the denim is supposed to be the eye-grabber of the look so don’t junk it up! Let them shine they way they were designed to!


XO Cheers, Jenn

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