Cruise Control: What’s in your beach bag?

The countdown to the cruise is on! As it rapidly approaches everyday I am making lists in my head of what I need. One of the most important things is a well-prepped beach bag! What do you pack for the beach? I always have my go-to items as follows…


There’s the obvious do not leave for the beach with-outs:

  1. Sunnies {Lauren Conrad}
  2. Sunscreen {Neutrogena}
  3. Chap Stick {EOS}

My must haves:

  1. Brush
  2. It’s a 10 leave in conditioner
  3. Not Your Mother’s Sea Salt Spray
  4. Feel good book {The Happiness Project}
  5. Fashion Magazines
  6. Bronzing oil {Australian Gold}

Bring leave in conditioner and a brush because while salt water is great for your hair, pulling through it 3 hours later with a brush is not! Brush through it right when you get out of the water. Better yet my cousin {Nicole Tresch at Rita Hazan Salon in NYC} said to pre-wet your hair before going into chlorine or salt water to create a barrier, and also, throw it in a braid to prevent tangling and breakage


Always wear sunscreen especially on your face! Wrinkles are a real thing ladies. I used to be a tanorexic! LAYER ON THE BABY OIL! Thank God it didn’t hurt my skin to badly. Protect your skin, it protects the rest of your body!


Protect those baby blues {or browns or greens} with sunnies. I am getting LASIK before the cruise so I will certainly be protecting those! And protect your lips! They burn and they peel and it hurts!


Sea Salt spray is great if you are going from the pool to the beach bar and you want it to be a little crunchy and textured.


What’s in your beach bag?! Are you ready? Florida summer is only a few weeks away!
Xo Cheers Jenn

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