Shoe Tuesday

Let’s talk about my favorite topic: shoes! I love new seasons because I love seeing what fresh style will be hitting the racks!

One of my all time favorites, that is super Jersey but I don’t care is the fur shoe. It’s very Carrie Bradshaw sleeps with Burger episode-y and I love it.The fur {faux of course} is here to stay, I can feel it!! {}


I am not a huge sneaker person but I love the new no-tie platform “sneaker” that has smothered the shoe store shelves! This pair from Dillard’s is my absolute favorite. Blush is hot right now too so makes this shoe an all-around best seller! {}


Ah! Jessica! You always do it right girl. The Aztec design, colors and bands make these killers a top for me. They are really fun!


I am loving the basket-weave nude shoe as well. As you may or may not know, nude shoes are my go-to so these are on my list! Way to go, Jess! {}


And, did you know who Jess partnered with for her shoe collection? No other than the late, great Vince Camuto. Yep! So of course Mr. Camuto’s shoes are still rockin’ it. These cut-out block heels are a must have for spring! Get them before they’re gone, gone, gone!!


XO, Cheers! Jenn

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Jersey girl in a southern world ☀️ fashion 👗 health & fitness 🏃🏼 beauty 💄 love 💗

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