Travel Diaries: Seaside Chillin’

Well everyone I just got back from the cruise I told you I was going on. It did not go as planned, but it was nice to be away with my girlfriends and get to dress for the occasion while doing it! I am starting a mini blog series called Travel Diaries and each one will have different outfit(s) from the cruise! Hope you enjoy.

I have a new love for slightly over-sized button-down shirts; this is a very versatile garment to have in your wardrobe. You can wear it to work with career pants, you can wear it with jean shorts or jeans or even as a swimsuit cover-up; I have done them all!

The day we left was super windy so it was a little cool. I figured by the time we got on the boat aka ship, {my friends laugh because I always call it a boat- know, I know it’s a ship!!} it would be like 3pm and probably more chillin’ than swimmin’. I decided my seaside button-down would be adorable and very Nantucket-like. I ended up really loving what I put together. Under the shirt because I did not want to be too hot I wore a lace bandeau and then layered up with a denim jacket. Khaki shorts were perfect since I did not have any room to pack my jacket and I had to wear it {I told ya, not ready for the denim on denim attempt yet}.


My floral “Nicole” flip flops were a hit. They are a hidden gem I kind of forgot about. It’s funny because my girlfriend Marissa who came with me packed like her whole closet and I told her I haven’t seen her wear barely anything she packed since I have known her, and she said because I honestly just remembered I had it!. That’s what packing does, makes you discover a newfound wardrobe. Or you’re just a hot mess and you need a stylist and need to call Tamy Lugo at VStylist immediately!

 Cheers! XO Jenn

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