Travel Diaries: Beach Daze

I bought this crop to wear with a black knee length skirt that I have had for a year and not found anything to wear with it. Of course I get it and I hate it together but i loved the shirt. I thought it would be perfect with my black or denim high-waisted jean shorts. Low and behold, it was! I went with the black because I wore the jean already on the trip and who doesn’t love *all black everythang*?!


I loved the outfit and so did everyone else! The hat was my go-to this week. It’s actually my sisters and she left it at my house. I have like 3 of the same hats and of course I love hers better. I broke two pair of sunnies on the trip so the gladiator sunnies are my friends. The outfit was under $20.

My favorite part is my Sanuk Yoga Slings made from yoga mats. They are one of the best investments you can make! I found mine for $20 at TJ MAxx but I think they run about $30-$40 retail. GET THEM IMMEDIATELY!


Cheers!!! XO Jenn

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Jersey girl in a southern world ☀️ fashion 👗 health & fitness 🏃🏼 beauty 💄 love 💗

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