Travel Diaries: Nasty Gal Nights

Heard of Nasty Gal? Heard of Sophia Amoruso? Girlboss is my fashion bible and Sophia Amoruso is the writer aka designer and creator of Nasty Gal. Sophia’s line is mostly modern vintage style. The pricing is fairly high but not too extreme.

A few weeks ago a friend sent me a link that Nasty Gal was going bankrupt. I found this hard to believe considering there is a show about to release on NetFlix about it. I looked into and it turns out it’s true. However, it’s not the bad kind of bankruptcy. She is basically redesigning the company. What does this mean for consumers like you and I? *CLOSE OUT SALE* Cheers to that!!!!


I went right to the website that night and ordered 7 dressed to sell at the style brunch. I decided to bring two of them on the cruise to model in. I absolutely love the quality of these products and I most definitely agree what she charges is appropriate.


I received an amazing compliment on the lace dress as I approached the bar stool to sit down. A woman leaned over and said to me, “honey your dress is absolutely amazing, really the whole look is perfect you did a great job!” And her husband followed up with “Even the shoes are awesome. You really nailed the look!” For someone who loves fashion this was the highlight of the trip for me haha!

I wore Candies block here suede platforms and my red Ulta lipgloss to throw in some color. This was my favorite look of the week.

The sequin dress is a little more edgy and flirty. I did not actually wear this out, I just posed in it! It was not my size so it did not fit great {it is for sale!!} but I love the cuts in it and it has gotten a lot of attention on Facebook. Again, great materials and quality used on this satin beauty!
Cheers!! XO Jenn

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