Travel Diaries: Royal Evenings

Good Morning Fashionistas!!!! Happy Hump Day!!!

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I have a new attraction to royal blue and I love it paired with a nude heel. I really love anything with nude heels, because nude heels go with everything!! Anyway, I drug my friend Josie to the mall with me to shop for the cruise. I am not a big mall person, I tend to shop more online, boutiques, or outside mall boarders but I wanted to go to Macy’s.

We probably looked around for a good 90 minutes in there and I grabbed a few dresses to try one. One was royal blue lace with a nude underlay. It was the only one I ended up liking. It fit like a glove and was super flattering. You know that dress that highlights the ladies, but hides the demons below?! Yeah, that kind of dress!!! SOLD! The best part was walking up to the register and the woman ringing up the original $120 dress which came to a total of $18! 🙂 I would say this was a steal!!!
I wore my go-to Jessica Simpson platform heels {the one’s she technically gave my cousin to give to me} and my crochet clutch from “The Sak”. I was not too keen on the clutch but on vacation you need to make sacrifices and one was that I only bring one black and one nude clutch! It is what it is!


On the way to dinner!


At dinner with my ladies!


Glamour Shots!


Cheers!! Xo Jenn


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