Style My Mind-One Year Later; Thank You


April 1st, marks one year that I started this blog and it was the best decision I ever made. I have always been a writer and been in love with expressing my thoughts through words. Reading a well put-together sentence is some sort of exhilarating experience to me. My writing is not formal, not always professional but it’s real and that’s what I wanted! I have been told numerous times that my personality shines through my writing and to hear that, is a huge compliment. I always learned when you write, you should write like you are explaining something to someone who cannot see what you are writing about, someone who is brand new; paint a picture! 


This blog brought me back to life after a really hard previous year. I lost myself to a toxic person for a really long time prior to this. When I finally decided to walk away for the final time a year ago I started this, my saving grace. Writing has gotten me through heartache, and anger, love and loss; even if it is mostly about shoes, dresses and the occasional love-yourself blog it is what I am passionate about and I finally figured that out at 31 years old. Now at almost 32 (April 13 if anyone wants to send gifts) I know what I want to do with the rest of my life and I am diligently trying to get there.


My advice to you is to find what brings you joy, even if it does not pay the bills, find something that brings the best of you to life so that you never lose that person. I will never lose that person again, no matter how hard times get, how many loves lost… I am me, no excuses and I will be damn sure that I reach my dream and my goals without anyone standing in my way!!


I am a go-getter! Last summer I took it upon myself to google “best fashion stylists in Tampa.” VStylist by Tamy Lugo popped up. I went to her page and was quite impressed. I decided to email her because what could I lose? Lucky for me she emailed back. We exchanged dialogue for a few weeks until we finally met. We clicked really well. We talked about her past, what she did and what she was doing. Between now and then Tamy and I have created a friendship, a partnership and developed amazing goals for our future careers. She has taught me so much about the industry and has taken me under her wing to show me the ropes not only in the world of fashion, but life as well. I am forever grateful for her. Which brings me to my last bit of advice: GO AFTER YOUR DREAMS!! Apply for the job, send the email, ASK!! If you don’t ask, you will never know. If you don’t make things happen, chances are they won’t. Don’t be lazy, do the work, pray your butt off and in the end I have faith God will deliver more to you than your wildest dreams imagine!


XO Cheers, Jenn

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Jersey girl in a southern world ☀️ fashion 👗 health & fitness 🏃🏼 beauty 💄 love 💗

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