Create Your Own #girlboss List

#Monday Mantra: Girlboss List

Good Morning lovelies! Hope you had a fabulous weekend!! Also hoping the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming wherever you may be in the world! Today’s blog is about my girl boss list. Remember that crappy situation I had a few months back? Well, the “situation” I always had an ongoing list of things we wanted to do together {ending our relation-something or another was not on there of course} and it was always fun and exciting to have things to look forward to. When it ended I of course deleted the list off my phone immediately because why in the heck would I want to see that?  But I decided to make my #GirlBoss list; a list of things and plans for me, myself & I. For once, in the last 3 years I am finally doing just that!


I advise each and every one of you to create a list of things you want to accomplish. My list is for 2017. It can be the simplest thing such as enjoying a cup of coffee with no social media for an hour each Sunday! Or something as major as *drum roll* NYFW: New York Fashion Week {yes this made the top of my list for 2017}.

Be ambitious. Set goals. Have dreams.

My #GirlBoss List:

  1. Attend NYFW
  2. Style Modage Fashion Show
  3. Create & co-host the Summer Style Brunch
  4. Get online boutique up & running
  5. Meet a new friend
  6. Decorate the style room of your dreams
  7. Put yourself first sometimes
  8. Put God first all the time
  9. Pay off credit cards
  10. Work out 4x per week

Number 8 & number 6 are checked off – I have began praying & talking to the big Guy quite regularly 🙂

Number 2, 3, 7, 9 & 10 are halfway there!!! In the words of Sophia Bush, “it’s ok to be both a masterpiece & work in progress at the same time!”

Happy to also announce as of April 4th, Tamy and I have RSVP’ed YES to NYFW in September!!!!!!! It was a proud, happy day!


Happy Monday! Xo Cheers,


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