Summer Style: Crop Top

The cream of the crop….. 

I am not a size 0, I eat carbs and drink wine but I am not afraid to rock a crop top when the occasion presents itself. Yes, I am about to be 32 but that does not mean I am bringing out the mom-jeans and tunics everyday! I think in your 30s a crop is ok to wear depending on the situation and the outfit. A little bit of belly is ok; to look like a belly dancer in Morocco is not! Know your body, and know what you feel comfortable in. Looking good is about 80% confidence 20% knowing your bod!

Editor Picks:

This is a 30 year old outfit! Do not wear this to work though, even though it is career-like! It’s just enough belly! She is ungodly skinny, but this will still look good if you eat carbs 🙂


Maxi with a crop is a perfect Saturday outfit in Florida, I have worn it and I love it. This one is gorgeous! I need a crochet crop asap!



Joggers can be difficult but this look is awesome, she nailed it. A little bit of skin, a pop of heel, top knot, sunnies and an army jacket… A+ lady!


This is so cute. I would maybe try a pair of white denims too but again, just enough belly. It’s fun and flirty!


XO! Cheers, Jenn

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