What to Wear: Mens Edition

Happy Men’s Monday!

First of all, where are all these men?! If any of you happen to stumble across my blog and are SINGLE AND STRAIGHT please contact me directly.

Back to business… Rebecca and I were at the Chillounge Event downtown a few weeks ago and I got inspired to write a men’s blog again because there was this pretty attractive guy walking towards me and he was wearing a nice blazer, white tee, and denim jeans. Then he moved from behind the chair blocking him and he was not only wearing denim, he was wearing patchwork denim (like giant patches on his knees!!!) and white bo-bo sneaker… no no no! We were saying how the blazer, denim combo is one of our favorites on women or men, but you have to really do it right. Here are some men {hot men} who aced the look.

Wouldn’t mind this guy waiting by my street light with a bouquet of flowers {& preferably a bottle of Pinot Noir}.


Khaki blazer and jeans is a great summer look. I love the white and how he pulls it all together with the navy blue touch.


Dark blazer with lighter jeans highlights contrast. This look is casual but professional.


Have a great week all!
XO Cheers, Jenn

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