Maximizing Your Closet with wardrobe stylist Tamy Lugo

So often we believe quantity over-rules quality. However, if you sit back and zoom in at most things in life, isn’t it better to have a molehill of amazingness then an overflowing mountain of junk? Friends; it’s definitely better to have a handful of gems then a wheelbarrow of coal, right?! Your closet should be the same way. We sometimes get caught up in the “more is better” way of thinking when it comes to our closets but it’s not necessarily true. It’s great to have options but you can actually create an entire wardrobe with just a few good diamonds!

I started working with Tampa Bay’s hottest wardrobe stylist, Tamy Lugo, last fall. I reached out to Tamy looking for a partnership after I launched my fashion blog and we hit it off! Since then, we have been working on branding, social media and community events together all based around fashion and lifestyle. Tamy has taught me all the ins and outs of the fashion and styling world. I have been utterly grateful and beyond appreciative for our partnership and better yet, friendship.



We sat down at a quaint little coffee shop in Ybor City on a hot afternoon to catch up and talk about life. Tamy’s one of those people you can talk about anything and everything with, and I do. I was explaining to her that I felt like I had too much “stuff” in my wardrobe. Ya know, “stuff”, things I never wear, and probably won’t ever wear again but keep it around for a rainy day that will probably never happen. I told her how I felt like getting rid of things would eliminate my options and she explained to me that would not be the case, “you should have at least 12 key pieces to build your foundation. If you are a working woman {which I am}, 12 working pieces are best,” she said. I told her that definitely makes sense but only 12 pieces? That sounds impossible. I pack more than 12 pieces for a weekend vacation!

As she sipped her chai tea, she chuckled at me and said as long as I had some key items, we could make it work. I asked her what she considers staple pieces in a woman’s wardrobe,  “ either a white, navy or black blazer {Gosh I love blazers!}, little black dress {the LBD ladies- we know this!}, LRD… little red dress, black or navy pencil skirt and the perfect fitting blue jeans.” She had me at blazer and blue jeans because if you keep up with my blog you know that is my favorite style and look. I looked at her confidently in what she was saying because it seemed like it could work, but how?


“Well once you have your 12 piece foundation and your staple pieces, you can start to incorporate all the extra fun and trendy pieces in to suit your lifestyle and easily combine with your key pieces,” Tamy said. I began to feel more comfortable in what she was saying and went on to ask how someone who maybe did not have her style gene would begin to stylize their wardrobe.

Tamy explained to me the “best way to make this work is to understand which colors best compliment each other. From there you mix a classic or staple piece with that fun & colorful piece. Also, to jazz up the staple pieces, just accessorize it differently each time you wear it i.e. shoes, jewelry and then maybe one accent that you normally would not wear like a hat, a statement clutch or a fabulous cannot-look-away belt.”


I am going to give this a shot. I am not sure that I am comfortable with having only 12 pieces in my wardrobe {makes awkward crooked smile face}, but, I am ok with cutting down and trying to stylize my staples differently each time, which in reality will appear like a brand new outfit to the outside world, I am sure.

For more tips, tricks and package deals check out Tamy’s website {}.

AND don’t forget to get your tickets to the Summer Style Brunch {} where Tamy will do a styling demo & we will be featuring items from the VStyle Shop. 

Carrying 6 years of working in the fashion industry, Lugo moves ahead in her career by landing clients such as wardrobing tv commercials for, plus appearing on ION TV Networks herself. Westfield Town Center Mall, Neiman Marcus, Macy’s and more. In September of 2014, she launched her style & fashion segments on the ABC Action News, The Now Tampa Bay show. However, Lugo continues to receive numerous invitations to share her expertise with audiences of Fox 13 Good Day Tampa Bay and ABC The Morning Blend Tampa Bay. Due to such exposure followed by contributing style reports, articles, and fashioning magazine editorials Tamy has acquired over 12k followers on social media platforms.”

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Xo, Cheers Jenn

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