Summer Style, for Men

Summer is rapidly approaching. Guys, have you done your shopping yet? My friend and I were discussing men’s fashion a few weeks ago and we were saying how men do not really need to shop often because their clothing is very versatile and lasts longer, which is true. But I just wanted to give you guys an inside look at some staple summer pieces to keep in your wardrobe.

Linen shirts, they say I’m a little beachy but I’m also classy. Linen shirts can go with jeans, dress shorts or linen pants. Get them in a few colors; colors are necessary in your closet guys. Don’t be afraid of your aquas and salmon.

**Get a beach Fedora!


You can find lighter plaid button downs. I love these, they are a go-to chill look for me. Most importantly here: a good pair of jeans {or many pairs}. Make sure the jeans are somewhat fitted, distressed is hot, and cuffed makes them look summery & chill.


Colored shorts & a white shirt. You know me and white shirts! I love this linen one. Again, add that color pop. And most definitely, do not forget a sexy pair of shades. I like Ray Ban’s on guys.


Have a great week everyone!
XO, Cheers Jenn


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