Fashion on The Field promotes Modage Vintage ETSY Launch

It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon in Tampa, Florida on April 23; a perfect day for the perfect fashion show! The Fashion on The Field: Modage Vintage event was absolutely astounding. I believe it was everything myself and Rebecca expected it to be. Rebecca Fishel is the designer of Modage Vintage clothing and one of my very dear friends. We worked together on her fashion event to create what we believe was really a night to remember.

The show was held at Above the Salt Cafe on Waters Ave in Old Seminole Heights. The cafe has such a mermaid vibe, it’s fantastic. The walls are painted a bright teal color donning a very antique, almost under-the-sea-sunken-ship feeling with window frames and metal art. It’s fun but cozy at the same time and the owners, Christina and Sonia Piasecki make you feel right at home.

The models started turning up at the cafe around 2pm where the Paul Mitchell hair school cosmetologists were waiting to begin their pin-up style hairdos! The make up artists Brit Wegmann and Dawn Harlan were set up and ready to go as well. The countdown was on. We had 2.5 hours to get 22 girls model ready. My job; serve champagne and keep everyone smiling! *CHECK*




Around 4:30pm the team started wrapping up and patrons were arriving fairly quickly. We had 84 people purchase tickets for the show and it seems about all of them showed! Some of the guest list included both the Editor-in-Chief, H. Albert and editor Jackie Bryant from the magazine Prolific Quarterly, as well as Tampa Bay wardrobe stylist, Tamy Lugo from VStylist. The food was catered by Maddie Spinks & Jon David Baron and was laid out nicely across a long high-top table which included cucumber sandwiches, italian meat kabobs, and some sort of amazing deviled eggs. To round out the food, the dessert table included candy dishes holding pink and teal candies, mini cheesecakes and cream puffs. It was perfect. The signature drinks included a raspberry and fan fave blackberry mint champagne cocktail. Angela the bartender rocked it, as busy as she was, she attended to everyone with a chipper smile and friendly attitude.

The show started after everyone had a chance to get to know each other during the swanky cocktail hour. Around 6:10pm the music started and the models appeared behind a black curtain on a little corner stage. The models were very entertaining with their upbeat personalities and of course, the fabulous styles. The variety of dresses featured were a mix of long and short dresses, some feathered gowns and a gorgeous two piece number {only a handful made & we have one!!!!}. Every model had a number, so just like the original Fashion on the Field, the attendees voted for the best model in their favorite dress. That little two piece gem I just mentioned was the winner, worn by model Zoe Blackledge. This two piece dress will be sold on the Modage Vintage ETSY site at an appealingly bargain rate in comparison. The show lasted about 22 minutes and was followed up with an after party with a DJ Funk Jesus mixing soul music. Everyone was dancing and having a blast. You can find a live Facebook video circuiting around internet in case you missed it! The party wrapped up around 10pm. The feedback was incredible. Everyone had a great time, loved the styles and is seriously looking forward to the upcoming launch of the Modage Vintage ETSY site NEXT WEEK May 24, 2017!

Photography by Jack Covlard
Alterations done by seamstress Zoe Vinson
The show was styled by yours truly, Jenn Andrelczyk for Style My Mind!

Please keep an eye out for a fall fashion event for 2017, expected to be bigger and better than ever!

Xo, Cheers fashioninstas!


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