Summer Style: Swimwear for Your Body-Type

Good Morning Peaches ♥ Happy Memorial Day weekend!!

Did you listen to my #girlboss songs yet? Get your ipods ready it’s almost Memorial Day. Know what else that means… SALES!?? **ALL SWIM SUIT AND PHOTOS WERE TAKEN FROM PLEASE VISIT THE SITE FOR MORE**

Are we swimsuit ready!? That’s ok, are we ever really “ready”? Confidence in 90% of looking good ladies, don’t forget that!

One of the most important take-aways I have learned during my last year of blogging is to give the readers what they want. I had a request to do a swim cover-up blog for your body type. Well, you got it! But I in fact took it a step further and am giving you the best swimwear AND cover ups for your body type!! Ready? Here we go.

For my skinny-mini’s:

Triangle tops are best suited for women with smaller chests and tiny waist lines. I also love the bandeau top and I also feel best for this body type. However, I do think you can wear a bandeau if you have a little larger chest, but it’s all about your comfort and support level.



Tie-up bottoms are best suited for a taller and thinner body type. But, I do think again this depends on your comfort-ability with your body. It’s the year(s) of the butt, so it’s ok to show a little. The cheeky bottoms are great for women with smaller rear-ends to enhance what you do have.


Side ruching works for anyone really. Just be aware when you are buying a bottom that is not tie up that it does not cinch your hips too much, you don’t want to look like you have a muffin top!


For my summer sisters with a larger chest, these two type tops would be best. Shows ’em off & keeps ’em in!!!

The tie-dye high-low dress looks great on my ladies of height. God did not bless me in that area, but that’s ok, I am fun-sized and He still loves me the way I am 🙂

The other two white and black cover ups are great and here’s why. After a day at the beach when you get into the car sometimes you just want to lose the suit. These are both great cover ups where you can feel comfortable taking it off for the drive home right underneath!

I went to Rebecca’s yard sale one Saturday and I pulled this dress from her clothing rack and said how cute it was (a little large for me but still adorbs). She said yes but you need to wear something under it… DUH! like a bathing suit! How cute is this as a cover up for a cruise, a boat day or a day at the pool? Fancy it up with a fabulous light-weight dress. I think this is great for medium sized body type, an in between bikini or one piece.



AH! And here it is. The one piece. Ok, I am going to be honest (sure that’s not a surprise) but I HATE tankini’s. Not my thing. I think there are a ton of one pieces that can make a fuller figured woman look sexy as hell. Here are some below.


2701793_Black (1)27328722802645

Here are some great one piece cover ups.

For my full-figured ladies, again, I am sticking to my word here- NO TANKINIS for me. Ruching is your best friend!


If you are comfortable enough, please wear a two piece. There are plenty that still cover up enough  but can make you feel sexy and confident like the one below. Gorgeous. Again, ruche ruche ruche!


Xo, Cheers! Jenn

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