Summer Must Have Accessories, Target Style

Happy Memorial Day! Are you hitting the beach? Pool? Boat? Well, don’t forget your must haves to keep you lookin’ fab & protecting your eyes & skin!

The straw beach tote! Flashback Friday indeed. Everything comes full circle. This little gem is vintage made-over. There are so many styles to choose from. I love the ones with the furry puffs! Take your pick at (direct link below!)


Target Bags

Mirrored sunglasses are so cool right now. I have a pair of pink ones that are to die for. There are so many different styles for your face, so take a trip to Target to try these baby’s on to rock at your backyard BBQ this weekend! (Direct link to sunnies below)

Target Sunglasses

Not only are these hats so fab, but they protect your face as well. We always want to make sure to protect our eyes and skin especially if you live in Florida where the sun is extreme! Which is your fave? I am loving the fringe on this one! (Direct link to hats below)


Target Hats

XO, Cheers! Jenn

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