Summer Sun Hats

Good morning sunkins ♥

It’s mid-June, how many of you have made it to the beach yet? I don’t know about you but I live on the west coast of Florida and I think I get to the beach a total of like 5-7 times per year and they are all strategically planned visits! That whole full time job thing is really screwin’ with my bronze time.

Anyway, one of my fave beach styles this summer are the beach hats with phrases! I bought one to wear to wear to the derby… & other places I suspect!



This photo was taken in my backyard.. not the beach! Because the sales specialist is always IN! 🙂 haha I don’t mind my job I just wish it could be worked from the beach! »WFB«

√NOTE: I got my hat for $12.99 from Marshall’s and have seen it elsewhere for $25 and $50! Beware! 

Here are some of the hats on my wish list, a long with a long beach weekend and a cabana boy to bring me drinks the whole time. ♦I’m a dreamer ♦




XO, Cheers! Jenn

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