Men’s Monday with Canali Italian Suits

Happy Monday ♠

Did everyone have a great weekend?! Hopefully. Back to the grind right?! What I always try to do on Monday’s is dress to impress. Monday’s are for the birds, let’s be honest. Whose favorite day is ever Monday? *crickets* exactly! So I try to bring some liveliness to the office and my own life by dressing to the 9.

What I love about a professional man is that they are always dressed in suits. What I love about a professional man who knows how to dress, is that they are in appropriately fitted, sexy suits… like Italian Suits by Canali . I spent some time perusing the website and was absolutely floored by the collection they have. All of their suits are wrinkle free and water stain free and there are some great light-weight options for summer! I thought this would be a great opportunity to introduce the newest styles for Fall 2017. I know it’s July, but in the fashion world they introduce the fall in in spring… so I am technically late to the game!

First let’s take a stroll down suit-lane. The four suits a man should always have are grey, black, tan and navy. Yes, you can absolutely throw in a pinstripe gem but these are going to be your staples right here.

How to style them:

  1. Under layer with a fantastic shirt that pops and says hello, here I am! As I am constantly saying, please do not be a afraid to step out of the box and your comfort zone! Be bold, make a statement! Take a look at the shirts Canali designed for you:1422645-AA00998-202_b_SCHEDA1922093-BF01203-112_b_SCHEDAT1329031-CX01009-501_b_SCHEDAT1329031-BX01025-301_b_SCHEDA
  2. Tie it up! Grab a few cool ties from Canali and style yourself up a bit. Do not wear an over-the-top tie with a pattern shirt. One  of them has to be simple and plain. But don’t be afraid to mix plaid with patterns, it can be done! Such as that blue polka dot one, you can totally rock that with a plaid shirt under the tan suit! L779-GL00881-902_d_SCHEDAL777-GN00413-303_d_SCHEDAL723-GL00871-301_d_SCHEDAGrey Beige Cotton Casual
  3. Make sure your shoe game is on point. If you wear a brown belt, you wear brown shoes; black goes with black. As for grey, I would stick with black unless you are sporting a navy shirt, then I would stick with brown. Brown and navy are great friends, black and navy makes a stylist want to cry 🙂 Sometimes casual shoes are great for jeans and a blazer (like below) but always have a classic black and brown dress shoe. Among the Canali shoes, the brown ones below have my heart. They are absolutely fabulous and I would love to see them paired with the navy suit, crisp white shirt and a killer tie.631505-RA00187-515_a_SCHEDA721506-RA00110-110_a_SCHEDA361225-RB00205-540_a_SCHEDA
  4. Below are some of my favorite blazers that Canali has to offer! I told you a few times previously that my absolute favorite look on a man is a blazer and jeans. These four are amazing and I would love to see a man in any of them. The top one is light weight which is great for my Florida men enduring the summer right now!23275-CF01101-401_b_SCHEDA23275-CU00383-304_b_SCHEDA23290-CF01084-201_b_SCHEDA

I hope you enjoyed my website style guide from Canali Suits. Please check out their website and see all they have to offer!

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Xo, Cheers!

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