Swim with Sarina; HandCrafted Suits

Hey all ♥ Morning!!

Totes feelin’ summer vibes over here after coming back from Swim Miami 2017. One thing on my list to do was to hit the beach! I haven’t been to South Beach so I made it a priority. It was ok, but I don’t think it holds a candle to the beaches on this coast! The gulf has my heart. The water was super blue but the sand was not as giving as ours. It was a little rougher not like our powder at all. Anyway, not here to talk about sand….

How about this swim suit? My great friend Sarina hand- made it for me when I went on that awful cruise in March and I didn’t really get to show it off. Where else is the best place to show off your one-of-a-kind?? SOUTH BEACH, duh!

I sent Sarina the style I was looking for and she sent me back a few fabric/pattern choices and I went with a solid hot pink, cheeky bottom, crisscross top style. It’s super comfortable and fits great. The color pops so much and I love standing out. I feel most comfortable in tops like this because I do have a large bust so triangle tops don’t really work for me. I like the cheeky bottoms because my tush is a little smaller so the cheeky helps show off what little I do have back there. I like bottoms that are looser (I hate muffin tops) so I go for fitted like this or ties. Some suits with bands are good as well for girls like me that do not have a super flat tummy. Speaking of, know what I LOVED about Miami Swim; the models were not perfect, far from actually. There was cellulite, and stretch marks and scars and it was beautiful. Way to go!

I wore it with this cute kimono that I borrowed from my sister. I believe it’s from Kohl’s or Marshall’s. The bag is from Marshall’s and I love it. It is the perfect size and has pom poms on the front which I love. My floral flip flops are Nicole from TJ Maxx. The sunnies are Amazon Fashion for $10!! Great finds!

Sarina is excellent. If anyone has any requests please email me directly and I can get you in touch with her: stylemymindjenn@gmail.com!! #StylesBySarina


Xo, Cheers!

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